GBOS Resolutions

2024 Resolutions
2024-01 AO 2023-110(S) STR Regulation amendments
2024-02 MOA 7 day Traffic Study
2024-03 Girdwood Comprehensive Plan
2024-04 Alyeska Resort AMP and DMP
2024-05 Alyeska Resort Commercial Tract Fragmentation Lot Plan​​

​2023 Resolutions
2023 GBOS Resolution list

Service Resolution Kyle Kelley
Service Resolution​ Carolyn Brodin
Service Resolution Linda Mankoff

2023-01 Rescinded and pending​ new resolution: see 2023-04​
2023-02 MOA seek funds for Girdwood Fire and Rescue
2023-03 GTC application for KMTA Grant
2023-04 Holtan Hills Land Disposal Rejection
2023-05 GVSA Lions Club KMTA grant
2023-06 Turnouts GFD
2023-07 Girdwood Bear Aware KMTA Grant
2023-08 Crow Creek Neighborhood Land Use Plan
2023-09 No Parking signs and posts at VCF
2023-10 Cemetery as Areawide Power
2023-11 Intra-gov permit for AWWU substation
2023-12 GFD P​urchase Engine 41
2023-12 GFD Purchase Engine rev
2023-13 GFD Purchase Hose
2023-14 Transportation plan
2023-15 Glacier Creek Bridge on Winner Creek Trail
2023-16 No parking signs on Donner
2023-17 Property Tax Exemption for GFD Volunteers
2023-18 Middle INHT RTP grant application
2023-19 Lions Club Pavilion LWCF grant
2023-20 Glacier Creek Bank erosion
2023-21 Bikewood RTP Grant Application
2023-22 Little Bears Grant
2023-23 GFD EMS Funding Increase
2023-24 Girdwood Trails Plan
2023-25 Cemetery Bond 2024
2023-26 STR Principles resolution​​​​​​​

Letters of Objection
GBOS Objection to ADL 234206

2022 Resolutions
2022 GBOS Resolution list

Resolution of Service for Tim Charnon

2022-01 Glacier City Center Development Master Plan
2022-02 Suspension Bridge for Winner Creek Trail​​
2022-03 KMTA Grant regarding hand tram interpretive info
2022-04 Dimensional Variance Stream Setback Ausman
2022-05 Assembly reapportionment maps
2022-06 GVSA Lions Club Anchorage Park Foundation Grant
2022-07 Alyeska Housing II DMP
2022-08 Alaska Senate Redistricting
2022-09 CAPSIS Funding for Glacier Creek Bridge
2022-10 House Bill ​411
2022-11 Ruane Road ARPA Funding
2022-12 Girdwood Clinic Mod Phase 2
2022-13 Alaska Constitution
2022-14 Holtan Hills​ 
2022-15 Fire Department Turnouts
2022-16 Fire Department vehicles
2022-17 STR Study
2022-18 GCLT Ground Lease Tract G-6​​
2022-19 Gerrish Library
2022-20 Girdwood Cemetery bonding 2023
2022-21 MOA Traffic Calming Studies
2022-22 SOA Traffic Calming Study on Mt. Hood
2022-23 Amendment or revocation of Holtan Hills Development Agreement
2022-24 Whittier Police Services Contract 2023 GBOS resolution
2022-25 KEUL Revocable Land Permit
2022-26 Housing and Economic Stability Power
2022-26 Housing and Economic Stability Power amended
2022-27 CTP Grant for Vail Timberline paving
2022-28 CTP Grant for Mt Hood Davos Lake Tahoe fish culverts
2022-29 TAP Grant to r​ehab & repave Arlberg pedestrian path


Letters of Objection:
LOO Alyeska Highway Interchange
LOO Holtan Hills Land Disposal under Development Agreement

2021 Resolutions​
2021 GBOS Resolution list

2021-01 Recycling Text Amendment
2021-02 Hawes Dimensional Variance
2021-03 Parking Code Amendment
2021-04 GTC KMTA Grant application
2021-05 GBA KMTA grant application
2021-06 Girdwood ​Clinic design variance
2021-07 Girdwood Clinic Major Site​ Plan Review
2021-08 replace yield signs with stop signs
2021-09 Areawide 1Q Revision re EMS funding
2021-10 USDOT RAISE grant
2021-11 Domestic Violence
2021-12 No parking Timberline at Virgin Creek Trailhead
2021-13 T21C9 parking code revision
2021-14 CUP Larson Lot 1
2021-15 Community Garden Code Change
2021-17 ADU Code change
2021-18 Attainable Housing in HLB Disposal Agreement
2021-19 Text Amendment GW Clinic Phase 3
2021-20 Bikewood grant applications for Mountain Bike Park
2021-21 GCLT community garden 
2021-22 HLB Rezone GIP to gR3
2021-23 Sale of HLB land to USFS

Letters of Objection
LOO 1011 Alyeska Hwy

2020 Resolutions
2020 GBOS Resolution list

2020-01 Alyeska Nordic Day Spa Development Master Plan
2020-02 Historic Preservation Commis​sion CLG Grant
2020-03 GFR Air Compressor purchase
2020-04 Girdwood Brewing Co Conditional and Special Land Use Permits​
2020-05 KMTA Grant Application
2020-06 Jack Sprat Parking
2020 Christina Hendrickson Service
2020-07 Girdwood Clinic Temporary trailer
2020-08 CARES Act funding
2020-09 Stream Setback Variance Obrien
2020-10 Little Bears in GRST2
2020-11 Resolution against Racism
2020-12 GFR 2019 bridge loan repayment
2020-13 Local Landmark Register Ordinance
2020-14 Exemption from 23.45.507.1 (Sprinkl​ers)​
2020-15 Secondary road access variance
2020-16 Support to Replace E41 in the GVSA
2020-17 Areawide Bond replace R41

Letters of Objection:
LOO CUP Powder Run
LOO Platting Board Variance S12532

2019 Resolutions
2019 GBOS Resolution list

2019-01    ​
2019-02 KMTA Grant Trail Building Tools 
2019-03 KMTA Girdwood Bear Aware
2019-04 Variance for 119 Stowe Place
2019-05 Girdwood INHT Phase 2 APF Grant
2019-06 GAP Independent of Government
2019-07 The Herbal Cache LLC
2019-08 Change T21C9 re ADUS
2019-09 AO 2019-74-(S) ​
2019-10 ​GTC KMTA Signage Grant
2019-11 Sladen J Mohl Ball Field
2019-12 DOT Alyeska Highway CTP Grant application
2019-13 GVSA Arlberg CTP Grant
2019-14 GVSA Community Building Bond Amended 11.18.19​
2019-15 Whittier Police Service Contract 2020-23
2019-16 GFR equipment purchase
2019-17 Girdwood INHT.pdf
2019-18 Sole Source Contract for Girdwood Trail Plan
2019-19 Text amendment food trucks gC10
2019-20 Garmish and Echo no parking signs

2018 Resolutions
2018 GBOS Resolution list.doc

2018-01    Fernie Loop Variance
2018-02    Stream Setbacks
2018-03    HLB Industrial Park
2018-04    AO2018-15 APD on Seward Highway
2018-05    Girdwood Area Plan Update
2018-06    Directional signage on Alyeska Highway
2018-07    Relationship between GBOS and Girdwood Fire and Rescue
2018-08    Dog Day
2018-09    Clarification of GBOS Resolution 2017-08
2018-10    Child care facility text amendment
2018-11    Taos Road Conditional Use permit
2018-12    The Herbal Cache MOA license renewal
2018-13    Girdwood Iditarod National Historic Trail
2018-14    Girdwood Brewing Co License
2018-15    Hatcheries
2018-16    Seward Highway Interchange
2018-17    Marijuana On-Site Consumption
2018-18    Bear resistant cans


2017 Resolutions
2017 Summary List

2017-01    Rental of space for police substation
2017-02    Seward Highway law enforcement confirmation
2017-03    Municipal funding for Glacier Valley Transit
2017-04    Marijuana retail sales text amendment in GRST-1 and GRST-2
2017-05    Creation of East Peninsula Highway Emergency Service Area
2017-06    Construction of trails by GMBA
2017-07    Cortina Road Dimensional Variance
2017-08    Conceptual plans for multi use trail by GNSC
2017-09    Community Garden
2017-10    Girdwood Community Club Lease
2017-11    Girdwood Valley Trails Management Plan
2017-12    Girdwood Iditarod National Historic Trail construction
2017-13    Industrial Park portions inclusion in wetland mitigation bank 
2017-14    Parking enforcement by non-APD officers in Girdwood
2017-15    MOA fund $200,000 toward APD patrol on the Seward Highway
2017-16    Grant from Alaska Mental Health Transit Grant for Challenge Alaska
2017-17     Continuation of APD patrol on the Seward Highway
2017-18    End of life options legislation

2016 Resolutions
2016 Summary List

2016-02    Encumbrance for Girdwood Fire Hall construction
2016-03    Process for Marijuana Establishment Special Land Permits in Girdwood
2016-04    Girdwood 2020 effort to promote enforcement on Seward Highway by AST
2016-05    Girdwood Iditarod National Historic Trail construction
2016-06    Major Site Plan Review of New Girdwood Townsite Lot 20, Block 1 (Ski Inn)
2016-07    Reconsider withdrawal of Alaska State Troopers from Girdwood service
2016-08    School Bus Service for Girdwood K-8 
2016-09    Girdwood Health Clinic temporary mobile office unit
2016-10    Vote By Mail ballot drop box at the Girdwood Community Center
2016-11    Housing added to mixed purpose community complex concept
2016-12    Special Land Use Permit for brewery
2016-13    Change site and season of US Navy training in Gulf of Alaska
2016-14    Challenge Alaska funding from Alaska Mental Health Trust Transit Grant
2016-15    GVSA Annex HLB property with trails and trailheads
2016-16    Fee waiver for Girdwood Forest Fair


2015 Resolutions
2015 Summary List

2015-01     Little Bears Lease
2015-02     Time Extension to deal with public safety issue
2015-03     Girdwood to act as community council
2015-04    Text amendment for brewery
2015-05    Easements on Egloff Drive
2015-06    Lions Club Park dedication
2015-07    Support for Challenge Alaska
2015-08    Fire Dept Election and hiring chief
2015-09    GVSA Public Safety tax on ballot


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