About Us​

The Street Maintenance S​ection provides equipment and staffing for year-round preservation and maintenance of Municipal streets. Operations include pavement surface maintenance, pedestrian facility maintenance, street sweeping, maintenance of storm drain facilities and snow plowing and removal during the winter months. The Str​eet Maintenance Section maintains 1,281 lane miles of Municipal roads and approximately 200 miles of sidewalks and trails. A staff of over 100 full time and seasonal employees provide continual service to keep the streets, sidewalks and trails in the Anchorage Bowl Area maintained. To view a map of the Anchorage Bowl (Anchorage Roads and Drainage Service Area (ARDSA), click here.

Our Commitment​

The Street Maintenance section is dedicated to preserving the community’s investment in Municipal roadways and providing its citizens with safe, clean streets.


Make a difference by calling the pothole hotline at  343-MEND (6363)
We aim to fill every pothole within 24 hours of being reported, Monday through Friday.

Drainage Structures

The Municipality of Anchorage has over 15,000 storm water drainage structures such as manholes, catch basins, and oil and grease separators (OGS).  Street Maintenance crews clean and maintain these structures to meet the requirements of and stay in compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). If you have a storm drain or catch basin that is clogged and preventing water from flowing please call 907-343-8277 and report it to a dispatcher. 

Street Swee​ping

Once residential sweeping begins, you may view our interactive map by CLICKING HERE and track the progress of our residential sweeping. This map will NOT show ​updates until we are working in residential areas. The APDES (Alaska Pollution Discharge Elimination System) permit requires all Municipal and State owned roads within the Municipality of Anchorage to be swept a total of three times per year. Residential areas are only done on the first and third sweep. The beginning point and direction of street sweeping on residential roads is rotated from year to year. 

State Maintained Roads: State Maintained Roads

Snow Remo​val

Please click on the link "Plowing Status" below to view updated snow plowing information, and our interactive plowing status map, sidewalk and trail clearing map. Information about street widening efforts ​as well as snow hauling progress will also be displayed under that link.

Plowing Status

​What is a "Plow Out"?

After a snowfall of 4 inches or greater, Street Maintenance crews work to clear Arterial and Collector streets and Municipal trails and sidewalks.  Once it stops snowing, and all Arterial and Collector streets are finished, a “Plow Out" will be declared. During a “Plow Out", our goal is to have all residential streets plowed at least once within 84 hours. If another snow event of greater than 4 inches occurs while we are in the middle of a declared “Plow Out", the residential plowing will stop, and crews will plow Arterial and Collector streets.  The “Plow Out" will then resume after it stops snowing and Arterial and Collector streets have been completed.​

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact the Anchorage Street Maintenance Dispatch Center at 907-343-8277 o​r the Eagle River Street Maintenance Dispatch at 907-343-1510.

Please note the Following Important Information:

  • Please limit on-street parking in all areas during snow plowing and removal operations.
  • Snow removal from driveways is the responsibility of the property owner.
  • Snow from driveways cannot be shoveled or plowed into the street right-of-way or onto sidewalks. This is a violation of Municipal Code Title 24.80.090 and could result in a citation.
  • It is illegal to park vehicles in the middle of a cul-de-sac per Municipal Code Title 9.30.030, A13. Vehicles parked in a cul-de-sac during snow plowing or removal operations may result in a citation and/or towing.
  • There may be some deviation in the plowing patterns on trash days.

Maps & Resources:

The main arterial and collector roads noted below are maintained by the State of Alaska. Please contact them at 907-338-1466 for maintenance concerns on these roads, including sweeping, potholes, sidewalks and snow/ice removal.

Glenn Highway, Debarr Rd, Boniface Prkwy, Airport Heights Dr from E. 5th to Debarr Rd, Muldoon Rd, Tudor Rd, International Airport Rd, C St, Minnesota Dr., A St., Brayton Dr., Frontage Rd., Homer Dr., New Seward Highway, Old Seward Highway (Dowling to Rabbit Creek), Dowling Rd., Sand Lake Rd, Jewel Lake Rd, Northern Lights West of Lake Otis to Forest Park Dr.; Elmore Rd from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Rd to Abbott Rd, Raspberry Rd, Potter Dr, Dimond Blvd., O'Malley Rd, Abbott Rd From Lake Otis to Hillside Dr, Huffman, DeArmoun Rd, Rabbit Creek Rd, Hillside Dr and Birch Rd.

State of Alaska Web Map - Snow Plowing Priorities

Map of State Maintained Roads - Displays State and Municipal owned and maintained roads.

Sidewalk & Trail Snow Removal - Displays State and Municipal maintenance responsibilities for sidewalks and trails.​