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Girdwood Valley Service Area
Non-Emergency Police:  907-783-3223
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Girdwood Valley Service Area meetings are held in a hybrid format via Microsoft Teams with in-person attendance at the Girdwood Community Room, 250 Egloff Rd. Teams Link and call-in information is provided with agenda 7 days prior to meeting date.​

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Girdwood Board of Supervisors & Girdwood Housing and Economic Committee
Land Use Committee
Girdwood Trails Committee
Cemetery Committee​
Girdwood Public Safety Advisory Committee​

​GBOS Meetings

(GBOS Regular Meetings are usually held the 3rd Monday of each month)

GBOS Regular Meeting
Date: Monday, July 22, 2024 
** DATE CHANGED to avoid conflict with the MOA Planning and Zoning Meeting on July 15 for hearing of the Girdwood Comprehensive Plan
​Time: 7:00​PM
Location: Via Teams with in-person attendance at the Girdwood Community Room, 250 Egloff Rd.

GVSA 2025 Budget Meetings:
Work Session 1  TUE July 9 12PM
Work Session 2 MON Aug 19 5PM
Work Session 3 TBD if needed
2025 Budget approval at the Sept 16 GBOS Regular meeting​

GBOS July 9 Special Meeting Levee and GVSA Budget 1 agenda final
GBOS July 9 Special Meeting Levee and GVSA Budget 1 minutes draft
GBOS SM 7.9.24 meeting packet rev
GBOS July 9 special meeting packet​​
GBOS June 17 2024 minutes draft
GBOS June 17 meeting packet rev
GBOS Special Meeting May 23 2024 minutes final
GBOS May 20 2024 minutes final
GBOS 5.20.24 meeting packet final
GBOS 5.20.24 Special Meeting RE LONO and Rules May 20 2024 minutes final​​
GBOS SM 5.20.24 re LONO and Rules packet​​
GBOS GHEC Joint Meeting May 13 2024 RE GVSA Housing Goals minutes final
GBOS GHEC 5.23.24 meeting packet rev​​​
GBOS Special Meeting RE Roles May 6 2024 minutes final​​​
GBOS April 15 2024 minutes final
GBOS 4.15.24 meeting packet rev
April 10 2024 GBOS Special meeting RE Meeting conduct, Board Relations minutes final
GBOS March 25 2024 minutes final
GBOS 3.25.24 meeting packet final​​
GBOS March 20 Work Session 2023 Budget Review minutes final
GVSA 2023 Year in Review packet​​​​
GBOS February 26 2024 minutes final
GBOS 2.26.24 meeting packet final​​​​
GBOS Special Meeting Jan 30 minutes final
GBOS SM 1.30.24 meeting packet revised
GBOS January 22 2024 minutes final
GBOS Jan 2024 meeting packet rev​​​
GBOS Special Meeting Dec 28 minutes final
GBOS SM 12.28.23 meeting packet rev
GBOS December 18 2023 minutes final
GBOS 12.18.23 meeting packet final
GBOS Special Meeting Dec 7 minutes final​​​
GBOS November 20 2023 minutes final
GBOS Nov 20 2023 meeting packet final​​​​
GBOS GFR BOD NOV 13 2023 minutes final
GBOS October 23 GVSA Grant work session minutes final
GBOS 10.23.23 Non Profit Grants packet rev

GBOS October 16 2023 minutes final
GBOS Oct 16 meeting packet rev​​
GBOS Sept 18 2023 minutes final​​
GBOS Sept 18 2023 meeting packet
GBOS 2024 Budget WS 3 minutes final
GBOS Budget WS 3 meeting packet​​
GBOS August 2023 minutes final​​
GBOS Aug 21 2023 Meeting packet
GBOS 2024 Budget WS 2 minutes final
GBOS Budget WS 2 meeting packet rev​​
GBOS 2024 Budget WS 1 minutes final
GBOS 2024 Budget WS 1 packet final


​​Click here to go to GBOS video meetings

GBOS Items of Interest:​

Girdwood Comprehensive Plan Public Review Draft​
Comments due March 31 2024​

GBOS Letter to HLB and ASD RE: California Creek levee
GBOS Input HLB 2024 Work Plan and 2025-2029 Five Year Management Plan
GBOS Letter to Assembly re housing homeless response
ADL 234206 ENSTAR Comments 8.3.2023
ADL 234206 Public Notice Extension Public Comment to 8.3.23
Public notice for A​CE Glacier Creek Multi-family housing
​Public notice for ACE Glacier Creek Hotel & hardware store​
Airport Lease ADA-09547 GBOS Comment​ part 2
HLB 2023 Work Program and ​2024-2028 Five-Year Management Plan comments
Airport Lease ADA-09547 GBOS Comment part 1​​
GBOS Request of SOA for extension Girdwood Airport Lease comment period
GBOS Request of HLB extension to comment on 1 and 5 year plan
DRAFT HLB 2023 Annual Work Program & 2024-2028 Five-Year Management Plan​

GBOS Le​tter Re: Alyeska Highway Interc​hange 2.23
GVSA Request for Emergency Declaration
 Anchorage Health Department Girdwood COVID-19 Letter
 GBOS LUC Objection Variance AMC 21.09.070F.3 Case S12532
 GBOS Letter re short term mitigation of sweeps
 GBOS Letter to DOT re speed limit on Crow Creek Rd

GBOS/LUC Joint Meetings​

GBOS and LUC meet as needed at least twice per calendar year.
​Date:   TBD
​Time:   TBD
Location: Hybrid meeting via Teams with in-person attendance at the Girdwood Community Room, 250 Egloff Rd.


GBOS LUC Joint Special Meeting April 29 agenda final
GBOS LUC Joint Special Meeting April 29 minutes final
GBOS LUC Joint meeting 4.29.24 meeting packet​​
GBOS LUC Joint Special Meeting Feb 7 2024 minutes final
GBOS LUC FEB Village at Alyeska Community Meeting
GBOS LUC Joint Special Meeting July 10 2023 minutes final
GBOS LUC 7.10.23 Special Meeting packet
GBOS LUC Joint Special Meeting July 3 2023 Minutes final​​
GBOS LUC 7.3.23 meeting packet​​​
GBOS LUC Joint Special Meeting Apr 10 minutes final
GBOS LUC 4.10.23 Joint meeting packet​​

GBOS & Municipal Manager Quarterly Meeting 

Date: Monday, July 29, 2024 ​
Time: 4PM
Location: Hybrid meeting

This meeting is being held via teams with in-person attendance at Anchorage City Hall.

Future meetings are scheduled as follows​:

October 28, 2024 4PM - Girdwood​
Jan 27, 2025 - Anchorage​

MOA GBOS Quarterly Apr 29 2024 agenda final
MOA GBOS Quarterly Apr 29 2024 minutes final
MOA GBOS Quarterly Jan 22 2024 minutes final​​
MOA GBOS Quarterly Oct 23 2023 minutes final
MOA GBOS 10.23.23 meeting packet​​​
MOA GBOS Quarterly July 24 2023 minutes draft


Holtan Hills Housing Advisory Committee

HHHAC was an ad-hoc committee that served July 5, 2022 - November 15, 2022
HHHAC completed their tasks and are no longer meeting

Emma Kramer and Sam Daniel served as co-chairs of this committee.
​Dave Hamre, Nico Reijns, Brooke Lavender, Nathen Ellis, Erin Eker also served on the committee.

HHHAC 11.15.22 regular meeting agenda final
HHHAC 11.15.22 regular meeting minutes draft
HHHAC 11.15.22 meeting packet revised​​​
HHHAC 10.19.22 regular meeting minutes final
HHHAC 10.19.22 meeting packet final​​
HHHAC 10.5.22 regular meeting minutes final
HHHAC 10.5.22 meeting packet
HHHAC 9.28.22 special meeting minutes final
HHHAC 9.28.22 meeting packet revised​​​
HHHAC 9.21.22 special meeting minutes final​​
HHHAC 9.14.22 Special Meeting minutes draft
HHHAC 9.14.22 Special meeting packet final​​​
HHHAC 9.7.22 meeting minutes final
HHHAC 9.7.22 meeting packet final
HHHAC 8.30.22 meeting minutes final
HHHAC 8.30.22 meeting packet revised​​​​
HHHAC 8.23.22 meeting minutes final
HHHAC 8.23.22 meeting packet​​
HHHAC 8.2.22 meeting minutes final
HHHAC 8.2.22 meeting packet final​​​
HHHAC 7.19.22 Meeting minutes final
HHHAC 7.19.22 meeting packet final​​
HHHAC 7.12.22 Meeting minutes draft
HHHAC 7.12.22 meeting packet

HHHAC Items of Interest:
Holtan Hills  Housing Advisory Committee Letter RE: Status report 10.24.22
MOA Trombley response to HHHAC request 10.22​
HHHAC Letter RE Holtan Hills Project 9.22

GBOS Info on Holtan Hills:

HLB Memo responding to GBOS request
     Holtan Hills Bifurcation Agreement
     Site Concept Map
GBOS reque​st for HLB Holtan Hills Follow up
AO 2022-103(S-1)_1_HOLTANHILLSDISPOSAL.final
Explanation of HLBAC Resolution RE Holtan Hills 10.27.22​​
GBOS Letter to MOA RE Holtan Hills 6.22.22​
Holtan Hills Development ​Agreement
GBOS HLB 2022 Annual Work Program and 5 Year Management Plan comments
Holtan Hills Community Meeting 12.22.21 video
Holtan Hills Presentation slides​ 12.22.21
Holtan Hills Concept Drawing 12.22.21
Link to HLB page RE: Girdwood Residential 2021​

Imagine! Girdwood (Girdwood Area Plan Update)
Imagine! Girdwood (GAP) is no longer a sub-committee of the GBOS. 
​Meetings are posted on their ​website

To receive archived copies of minutes or agendas, please contact Margaret Tyler 907-343-8373.​




​Board Members

GBOS Board Members

Seat A: Jennifer Wingard​​, Land Use
Seat B:  Brian Burnett​, Parks and Rec & Cemetery
Seat C:  Guy Wade​​​; Police, Roads and Utilities
Seat D:  Mike Edgington, Housing and Economic Stability; GBOS Co-Chair
Seat E:  Briana Sullivan​​, Fire; GBO​S Co-Chair​​

Disclosure of Potential Conflict Card 2023​​


Girdwood 406 Fund Capital Investment Accounts 

Girdwood Valley Service Area Map
Procedure for considering Out of Area Requests for hearing and action

Girdwood Public Meeting Standards of Conduct


Girdwood Valley Service Area Staff & Contact Information​

PO Box 390
Girdwood, AK 99587
Phone:  343-8374

Kyle Kelley, Service Area Manager
Road Maintenance, Parks & Recreation, Facility Scheduling & Maintenance

Margaret Tyler, Girdwood Administrative Officer
GBOS Secretary, Parks & Recreation

2023 GVSA Parks and Rec Year end report
2023 GVSA Road Service Year end report

2022 GVSA Parks and Rec Year end report
2022 GVSA Road Service Year end report

2021 GVSA Parks and Rec Year end report
2021 GVSA Road Service Year end report

2020 GVSA Parks and Rec Year End Report
2020 GVSA Road Service Year End Report
2020 WPD End of Year Report
2020 GFR End of Year Report

Request for Commerci​al Use Permit

Request for Community Room Rental Form
Request for Park/Pavilion Permit Rental Form
Alcohol Waiver Form

Little Bears Park Fence Picket Donation Form
Girdwood Skate Park Donation Form

GVSA Non-Profit Grant Cycle 2024
2024 GVSA Non Profit Recreation Grant Preliminary announcement
GVSA 2024 Non-Profit Recreation Grant instructions

GVSA 2024 Non Profit Recreation Grant application​​