​Girdwood Trails Plan

Girdwood Trails Plan (Assembly adopted March 2024)

Process for GTC edits to the Girdwood trails plan

Redline Draft, not accepted by GTC:
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View and download all the comments received: GTP_PublicReviewDraft_AllComments_10.07.2021

​​View and download the ​Redline​ draft rev 2.1.22​​​

View and download GTC member amendments Jan 22-October 22

Blueline Draft, accepted by GTC 1.3.23:​

Vie​w and download Girdwood Trails Plan rev 12.20.22​ plus Additional changes to GTP

NEW:  View and Download Girdwood Trails Plan Feb 6 2023​​​

​About The Girdwood Trails Plan

The Girdwood Trails Plan (GTP) is a concerted effort bringing the ​community together for a holistic conver­sation about the future of the Girdwood trail and natural space system. As a 10-15 year guiding document for the community, local trail organizations, agencies, and elected officials, the GTP defines the Girdwood trail network and identifies trail ​projects that are supported by the community. The GTP is a framework with a community-developed values, vision, and goals that local officials and partner organizations can use to make investment and project decisions.

Project Contact
Girdwood Parks & Recreation:
Kyle Kelley