​Modified Operations due to Feline Viral Illness:​​

Update as of 1/6/22: We have some great news regarding the recent Feline Panleukopenia outbreak here at AACC. Due to the incredibly hard and diligent work of our entire staff, and the cooperation and support from our community, we have completed the quarantine period and have seen no new cases in over two weeks. We have gone through and thoroughly sanitized and cleaned our facility, and we can officially say we have made it past the outbreak! This means we will once again be accepting stray, trapped, and owner surrender cats. We truly appreciate our community's support to rally around us and help us through this outbreak. We are so grateful for the quick action of our shelter staff, which helped dramatically slow down the spread of the virus, and their daily diligence and dedication helped stop it all together. 

10/8 Announcement from the ​State of Alaska Veterinarian: Canine Distemper Outbreak- Anchorage Area: Over 20 cases of canine distemper have occurred in Anchorage since August 2021. Cases may be linked to rescue dogs from rural communities.

See the announcement and what you can do to keep your canine safe here.

We are currently hiring for multiple positions including kennel techs, with a starting wage of $16 an hour. View the job description and apply here.​

Adoptions: Please see our Adoptable Animals web page to view animals available for ad​option. When you've identified who you'd like to meet for possible adoption, please complete an online adoption application before coming to the shelter. Application can be found on our Adoptable Animals web page.

Surrendering an animal: Pet owners with healthy and behaviorally-sound pets may want to consider rehoming their pets themselves by using the ReHome service provided by Adopt-a-Pet. By rehoming your pet yourself, he/she can go to their new home without a stay at the shelter which will make the transition much less stressful. 

If you're unable to rehome your pet, please see our Owner Surrender page for more information.

Looking for a lost pet: Please contact Customer Service at 343-8122 to schedule an appointment to see the lost pets who have been brought to the shelter. Also, see our Lost Pets web page for step-by-step guidance on how to conduct your search.

Found pet: If you've found a lost pet, please see our Lost Pets web page for how you can try to reunite the pet with his/her owner. If you're unable to locate the owner, please bring him to us. An appointment is preferred but not necessary. Call 343-8122 to schedule an appointment.

Owner-requested euthanasia: Please call Customer Service at 343-8122 to schedule an appointment. 

In-person dog license sales:Dog licenses can be purchased online or in person through a customer service representative.

In-person enforcement questions: Enforcement staff can be contacted at 343-8119. 

Volunteer program: The program is operating on a limited basis, but new applications for shelter volunteers are not being accepted currently. However, we're still accepting applications for new foster parents.

Renting of traps for community cats and rabbits:​​ 

  • If you need to trap your own animal, please contact Customer Service at 343-8122 as we require that you have a Lost Report on file with us.
  • If you need to trap a sick or injured stray animal, please contact Customer Service at 343-8122.
  • You will be responsible for picking up & dropping off the trap. ACO's will no longer be picking up trapped animals.
  • If you've trapped:
    • An animal with a known owner, please return the animal to the rightful owner. If you'd like to file a complaint about the animal being on your property, please contact Enforcement at 343-8119 (you will need to provide the address where the animal lives).
    • A sick or injured domestic animal and don't know where the animal lives. please bring the animal to us.
    • A healthy and safe-to-handle animal, please visit our Lost Pets web page for tips on how to find the owner. If you're unable to locate an owner, you may bring the animal to us. 

Curbside service:

Pet Food Bank: Call Customer Service at 343-8122 for service. Let them know if you're in need of dog or cat food or cat litter. M - F 11 am - 6:30 pm and S - S 10 am - 5:30 pm.​

Making a Plan for your Pet

Anchorage Animal Care & Control is encouraging pet owners to prepare a pet-care plan in case their health becomes compromised or they are hospitalized.

If possible, we recommend your pet remain in his/her home if you, or someone else in the home, are well enough to care for them. To make this easier for yourself or the other caretaker you should have a two-week supply of food and other necessary items such as cat litter to limit the necessity of having to go out for pet supplies.

In case your pet can't remain with you or you are hospitalized, you should have ​up to three potential caretakers lined up. This could include friends or family or a boarding facility. You should have written instructions for how to care for your pet including any medical, dietary or behavioral information a caretaker or boarding facility will need. Below are boarding facilities that will board animals who have been exposed to COVID-19 (this list is based on responses received as Friday, April 17):

  • AK Must Love Dogs: 336-3647
  • Pet Nannies: will care for cats in the cat's home: 337-7070
  • Purrfect Purr Cat Hotel: 563-2287
  • VCA Alaska Pet Care Animal Hospital: 268-4397
  • Doggie Dog World: 561-3647
  • SouthPaw Boarding Kennels: 345-4402

Your pet's vaccinations should be up-to-date and you should have records on hand. Also ensure that their identification is up-to-date, including contact information with the microchip company if your pet has a microchip; with PetHub if your dog has a digital Municipality of Anchorage dog license tag; and with Anchorage Animal Care & Control if your pet is microchipped and/or if your dog has a dog license.

AACC does not typically board animals. However, in light of the current health crisis, owners who need to be hospitalized due to COVID-19 and who can't arrange for alternate care for their pets can contact AACC to discuss options. AACC Customer Service can be reached at 343-8122. 

Information regarding animals and COVID-19:

Centers for Disease Control

World Small Animal Veterinary Association

American Veterinary Medical Association


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In 2019, we reunited 1,423 lost animals with their families.

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Closed: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents' Day,  Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Anchorage Animal Care and Control serves the entire Municipality of Anchorage, from Girdwood to Eklutna.



The Department of Health and Human Services contracts with Animal Licensing and Placement Services, a subsidiary of Denali Universal Services, JV, to provide domestic animal care and control services to the entire municipality