Alaska state law mandates that a rabies vaccine must be given to all dogs, cats and ferrets which are over four months of age. Rabies vaccinations must be current for the issuance of health certificates, dog licenses and kennel licenses.

Diseases commonly vaccinated for in puppies include: canine distemper virus, Adenovirus 2 (upper respiratory disease virus, which cross protects for canine hepatitis), parainfluenza, leptospirosis, and parvo virus enteritis.

Kittens are routinely vaccinated for feline distemper, rhinotracheitis and calicivirus or FDCVR vaccine. Some owners, especially of show cats or which have increased exposure to other cats, may also elect to vaccinate for pneumonitis, a respiratory disease caused by Chlamydia. A vaccine is also available to protect against feline leukemia virus.

Please contact your veterinarian for a vaccination program for your pet.