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If You Have Lost Your Pet

Step One: Start Your Search at AACC

    and at least every 2 - 3 days thereafter. Ask Customer Service for a "stray dog or cat walk-through." Visit the adoptable animals section as stray animals who arrive without identification may be placed up for adoption after three days.* 

Step Two: Use our Database and Social Media

  • Sign up to receive daily emails of animals entering the shelter or who are reported as found by a member of the public.
    •  You will need to enter:
      • A description of your animal, including a recent photo
      • Your contact information (Your information may be shared by Customer Service with finders of animals that match your animal's description.)*
    • Be sure to select "search for similar breeds".
    • If you select “Do NOT share my information any shelter", the information you enter will not be uploaded to our database which means we will not be able to contact you if there is a potential match for your lost animal.*
    • We recommend contacting Customer Service at 343-8122 to confirm the information uploaded to our database.
    • The description and photo of your animal will appear on our website.  
  • Search the Found section on our Lost Pets webpage and check our Facebook album of Lost Pets (posted 2 – 3 times a week).
  • Online and social media sites for searching and posting:
    • Craigslist
    • Anchorage Pets Lost and Found (Facebook)
    • Lost and Found Pets Alaska (Facebook)
    • Lost and Found - Anchorage, Alaska (Facebook)
    • Neighborhood apps such as Nextdoor

*There is NO GUARANTEE that staff will match an animal with your lost companion. Only you can positively identify your companion.

Step Three: Get Professional Advice on How to Search for Your Pet: Visit Mission Reunite for the best advice on how to conduct your search based on the personality of your animal.

If you find your animal at our shelter:      

  • You will need proof of ownership to claim your animal
  • An impound fee will be charged
  • Other charges may apply: boarding, MOA dog license, vaccines, microchip, cat carrier  

If You Have Found a Pet

Step One: Bring the Animal to AACC

  • During our open hours: Please bring the animal to us so we can check for a microchip. You may leave the animal with us because many owners will begin their search for their lost animal at the shelter.
  • If you are not able to transport the animal, please contact Animal Control dispatch at 343-8119 and we will pick up the animal.
  • If we are closed, please use the night drop kennels in the back of our building. These are indoor kennels so the animal will be warm and safe. When staff arrive, the animal will be checked for a microchip. Please be sure to complete the paperwork provided so we know where and when the animal was found.
  • If you've found a dog who is wearing a digital MOA dog license tag, you can reunite the dog with his/her owner by looking at the back side of the tag. You can either scan the QR-code, call the toll-free number or go to the website to get the owner's information.

Step Two: Help the Owner Find their Animal:

  • Check the following online resources for Lost Pets and post a picture of the animal you found:
    • Craigslist
    • Anchorage Pets Lost and Found (Facebook)
    • Lost and Found Pets Alaska (Facebook)
    • Lost and Found - Anchorage, Alaska (Facebook)
    • Neighborhood apps such as Nextdoor

Although we always recommend bringing the animal us, if you choose to house the animal until the owner is found:

  • Bring the animal to AACC or a veterinary clinic so he/she can be checked for a microchip.
  • Report the found animal so his/her photo and description will appear on our website.  You will need to enter:
    • A description of the animal, including a photo
    • Your contact information (Your information may be shared by Customer Service with potential owners of the animal you have found.)
    • Please do not assume that because an animal is lost, timid, or thin there is not a caring owner looking for him/her. Accidents happen and even the most loved animals get lost. The animal may be naturally timid (people often think timid animals have been abused) and may be thin due to age or a medical condition.

AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup

If you find a lost cat or dog and the animal’s tags include a microchip number tag you can use the Universal Microchip Lookup Tool (UMLT) link below to determine if there is owner information linked to the chip and how to call the microchip company to get that information. The UMLT provides an easy way for pet owners, veterinary clinics, and animal care and control agencies to enter a microchip number and then view search results of which microchip registry the chip has been enrolled in (if a pet has been enrolled in multiple registries, the registry with the most recently updated data will appear at the top of the search results).This American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) created Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool takes the guesswork out of contacting the appropriate registry, and thus can help speed the reuniting of a lost pet with its family. Click on the link below to be connected to the UMLT website.


Pet Microchip Lookup
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