Animal Control Hearings Office

Requests for hearings may be filed on Notice of Violation(s) (NOVs) issued by the Animal Control Officers, as well as administrative decisions (classification, etc.)  made under Title 17, to the Animal Control Hearings Office. All requests for hearing must be filed within 15 business days from the time you are served with an Animal Control NOV or administrative decision. The Hearing Office is located at 632 West 6th Avenue, Suite 740 (7th floor, City Hall). The Hearing Office is not a part of the Animal Care & Control Center.

Forms are available to file a request for Notice of Violation and/or administrative decision hearing at the Hearing Office and on this webpage, below. You may file the request by mail, in person, or by facsimile.  The request must be filed at the Administrative Hearing Office.  You should confirm by telephone whether the hearing office received your filing.

Anchorage Animal Care and Control can provide information on appeal issues. You may contact the legal aid officer at 343-8128. When preparing for a hearing, you should file a Request for Information with Animal Control to request information pertaining to your case.

Hearing Office Location and Contact Information

Animal Control Hearing Office
632 W. 6th Ave., Suite 740
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

Phone: 343-4535
Fax: 343-4541
Hours: Weekdays 8 A.M. to
5 P.M.

Download the Animal Control Appeal/Request for Hearing form here (PDF)