Owner Surrendering Pets​​​

Pet owners with healthy and behaviorally-sound pets may want to consider rehoming their pets themselves by using the ReHome service provided by Adopt-a-Pet. By rehoming your pet yourself, your pet can go to his/her new home without a stay at the shelter which will make his/her transition much less stressful.

If re-homing your pet yourself is not an option for you,​ contact Customer Service at 343-8122 to schedule an appointment. We can not guarantee that your animal will be made available for adoption or adopted.

Please complete the forms below before you arrive:

Statement of Surrender

Cat Personality Profile(if surrendering a cat)

Dog Personality Profile (if surrendering a dog)

Small Animal Personality Profile (if surrendering an animal other than a cat or dog)

Because it is our goal to adopt behaviorally-sound and healthy animals to the community, all animals are assessed before being placed up for adoption. Based on the assessment there is the possibility that your animal may not be made available for adoption at our shelter.

The following conditions MAY result in your animal's inability to be placed up for adoption:

  • Aggression toward humans or other animals.
  • The animal is a threat to itself or other animals.
  • Unable to safely house or handle.
  • History of biting.
  • Stress-related behaviors stemming from kenneling/shelter environment.
  • Severe health problems.

For animals who cannot be made available for adoption at our shelter, we attempt to place them with a partner rescue organization. However, some animals may be humanely euthanized.

We ask a $25 fee per animal when surrendering animals over 12 weeks of age and older and a $1 fee per animal when surrendering animals under 12 weeks of ages.​

Rehome Your Pet Yourself

Adopt-a-Pet can help you rehome your pet yourself. Their online service lets you create a personality profile for your pet, provides an application for potential adopters to complete, gives tips on how to interview potential adopters, and provides an adoption agreement.

Find your pet a new home  

Behavior Help

Animals are often surrendered because a family is frustrated with a specific behavior. Often times, there is help for these behaviors. Here are some online resources that address common behavior concerns:

Pet Behavior Library f​rom Denver Dumb Friends League
Virtual Pet Behaviorist from ASPCA
Pet Behavior Library from the Animal Humane Society

Financial Help with Veterinary Care

Click here to find a list of resources for assistance with veterinary care.

Owner Requested Euthanasia

Animal Care & Control provides low cost euthanasia services. We apologize but due to the limitations of providing this service at a low cost, owners are not able to be with their pets when they are euthanized nor is this service available seven days a week. Please contact Customer Service at 343-8122 to schedule an appointment. ​

If you bring your pet to us for euthanasia:
  • You will be asked to complete an Owner Surrender form (can be completed online before your appointment) which legally changes ownership of the animal from you to Anchorage Animal Care & Control.
  • A euthanasia and cremation fee will be assessed based on the pet’s size.