​​​​​Administration Di​vision​

The Administration Division provides administrative, accounting, budgeting, and support services, including payroll and grants and contracts​ oversight, as required for the Director's Office and the other divisions within Anchorage Health Department​. The division also oversees several key programs:
Anchorage Animal Care & Control

​AACC provides a full service pet shelter in Anchorage, in addition to enforcing the Municipality's animal pet laws, issuing dog licenses, and promoting pet wellness. AACC is operated by a contractor overseen by the Administration Division. 

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Public Health Emergency Preparedness

EP develops, coordinates and executes plans, policies and procedures for public health disasters. The program's three core public health response missions are mass casualty, mass care, and mass prophylaxis.​ In addition, EP manages the contract for the Anchorage Safety Center and Anchorage Safety Patrol who assist intoxicated individuals in the sobering process.

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Sexual Assualt Response Team

​​The division assists in the administration of Anchorage's SART​ program, and provides pass-through funding to local entities who carry out this work.​

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Division Manage​r: Kimberly Rash

Email kimberly.rash@anchorageak.gov