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Current APDES Permit

PDF TERM IV APDES Permit20201.5 MB

APDES Annual Reports

PDF 2022 Annual Report 20221.5 MB
PDF 2021 Annual Report 2021537 KB
PDF 2020 Annual Report2020637 KB
PDF 2019 Annual Report2019637 KB
PDF 2018 Annual Report2018319 KB
PDF 2017 Annual Report 2017309 KB
PDF 2016 Annual Report 2016500 KB
PDF 2015 Annual Report20152 MB
PDF 2014 Annual Report20142 MB
PDF 2013 Annual Report20131.7 MB
PDF 2012 Annual Report
20123.4 MB

Permits and Forms

PDF Flood Hazard Permit Application20191.3 MB
PDF Utility Permit201113 KB
PDF Handout AG.21, Storm Water Treatment Plan Review for New and Development Projects20192.5 MB
PDF Construction Dewatering Request Form201935 KB
PDF MOA Operations and Maintenance Plan Agreement20193 MB
PDF Annual Inspection Form for Permanent Stormwater Controls 20199 KB
PDF Mapping Request Form200757 KB
PDF Watershed Mapping Signoff Form2001166 KB

Design Criteria Manuals

PDF Anchorage Stormwater Manual, Volume 1201713 MB
PDF Anchorage Stormwater Manual, Volume 220173 MB


PDF Anchorage Parking Lots: 2002 Best Management Practices20021.5 MB
PDF Anchorage Storm Water Treatment in Wetland: 2002 Guidance20022.3 MB
PDF Anchorage Street Deicer and Snow Disposal: 2003 Best Practice Management20032.6 MB
PDF Guidance Design of Biofiltration Facilities for Stream Water Quality Control1994229 KB

Research and Monitoring

PDF Fecal Coliform in Anchorage Streams: Sources and Transport Processes20032.4 MB
PDF Anchorage OGS and Street Sweeping as Storm Water Controls: 2002 Performance Analysis20023 MB
PDF Bioassessment of Select Streams in Anchorage, Alaska: Conceptual Design199967 KB
PDF Bioassessment of Select Streams in Anchorage, Alaska: 2000 Data Report2000430 KB
PDF Meltwater Runoff from Anchorage Streets and Snow Disposal: Design Report19992.5 MB
PDF Meltwater Runoff from Anchorage Streets and Snow Disposal: 1999 Data Report199923 MB
PDF Potassium Acetate Deicer Impacts at Anchorage, Alaska: Data Report 19992 MB
PDF Stream Hydrology and Chemistry at Anchorage, Alaska: Design Report 199917.5 MB
PDF Street Sediment and Adsorbed Pollutants: Data Report 2000627 KB
PDF Street Sediment Buildup Rates in Anchorage, Alaska199982 KB

Mapping Methods and Standards

PDF Municipal Stream Classification: Anchorage, Alaska200450 KB
PDF Watercourse Mapping Standards200985 KB

Watershed Planning and Assessments

PDF Little Campbell Creek Watershed Plan20053 MB
PDF Chester Creek Watershed Plan20057 MB
PDF MOA Street Sediment Loading Assessment199721 MB
PDF Source Assessment of Fecal Coliform in Anchorage Storm Water20023 MB


PDF Anchorage Watershed Primer20042.9 MB
PDF Anchorage Bugalogue20005.5 MB
PDF All Hazards Mitigation Plan Update20165 MB
PDF 1999 Anchorage Pesticide Use Survey1999152 KB
PDF Anchorage 2000 Land Cover Maps20001 MB
PDF Anchorage Bowl OGS Performance Modeling1999942 KB
PDF Anchorage Climate Characteristics for Use in Storm Water Management1999541 KB
PDF MOA Streams Data Dictionary2000368 KB