Watershed Management Section

The Watershed Management Section establishes standards to promote and control the quantity and quality of storm and surface water within the Municipality of Anchorage. Watershed Management Section home page. Other specific goals/responsibilities include:

  • Communication of specific watershed permit requirements to Municipal and other agencies responsible for completing associated work.
  • Performance of scheduled projects addressing contaminants in surface water.
  • Development and delivery of scheduled reports to the State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency demonstrating Municipal and State of Alaska Department of Transportation compliance with the watershed permit.

Flood Hazard Permitting: Provides project review and approval on work within flood plains, as identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency maps, to ensure potential impacts on floodways are adequately considered. To access the Flood Hazard Permitting site, click here.

Rain Gardens: For information on the Anchorage Rain Garden Program, call 907-343-8026