​Watershed Management Staff Directory

Title Phone Email
Kristi Bischofberger Watershed Manager 907-343-8058 Kristi.Bischofberger@anchorageak.gov
Kyle CunninghamCivil Engineer907-343-8026 Kyle.Cunningham@anchorageak.gov
Kenna BillupsEnvironmental Specialist907-343-8023 Kenna.Billups@anchorageak.gov
Section Admin   907-343-8135  ​

​Storm Water Treatment Plan Review

(Private Development Section)

Paul LacsinaStorm Water Plan Reviewer and Compliance Officer907-343-7911 Paul.Lacsina@anchorageak.gov
C.J. WeedStorm Water Inspector907-343-8008 Charles.Weed@anchorageak.gov
Section Admin 907-343-8301​ 

Flood Hazard Permits and Permanent Stormwater Controls Plan Review

(Private Development Section)

INformation on Flood Hazard and Permanent Stormwater Controls plan review:

Steve EllisFlood Hazard Administrator907-343-8078 Steven.Ellis@anchorageak.gov
Section Admin​ 907-343-8301 

You can also search for Municipality of Anchorage staff in the Municipal employee directory. Watershed Management Services is part of the Public Works Department.

Private Development Section is part of the Development Services Department.