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Older Projects:​  

The Anchorage 2040 Land Use Plan shows the near-term actions to take in order to achieve the housing, neighborhoods, and mixed-use centers envisioned in the plan.  Below are current and upcoming projects, with participation opportunities, to carry out some of the 2040 actions listed on page 96 of the Plan.  These projects make changes to Anchorage's development regulations for housing and mixed-use:​

  • R-2 ZONES BULK AND HEIGHT AMENDMENT:  This project proposes to amend the 2.​5-story limit in the R-2A, R-2D, and R-2M residential zones, by allowing for 3-story residences in certain locations and situations, subject to mitigating features,​ such as height transitions. (Action 4-4) Contact: tom.davis@anchorageak.gov 

  • ACCESSORY DWELLING UNITS (​ADUs): This project updates ADU code language to facilitate additional provision of housing. It implements 2040 LUP actions 4-1 and 4-2. Contact daniel.mckenna-foster@anchorageak.gov​

  • SMALL AREA IMPLEMENTATION PLANS:  ​The Anchorage Assembly adopted the Small Area Implementation Plan, a new master planning tool in Title 21, Chapter 21.03, Review and Approval Procedures, on June 8, 2021.  This project, which was brought forward by the Planning Department as a public heari​ng draft in February 2021, has implemented Anchorage 2040 Action 2-11. ​​

Other 2040 actions may be taken by other agencies, such as transportation plans and investments by AMATS.


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