2024 Projects​ In Process​:


  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​Brownfield Assessment Gra​nt See the project ​page​ for more information.​

  • ​​Communi​ty Council Boundaries 10-Year Review See the proje​ct page​ for more information.

  • Downtown Streets Engineering Study See the project page​ for more information.

  • ​​Girdwood Comprehensive Plan Update The Long-Range Planning Division is providing technical assistance as necessary to the Imagine Girdwood​ Comprehensive Plan update.​

  • ​​Long-Range Transportation Strategy See the project page for more information. ​

  • Midtown ​District Plan and Business Improvement District Study See the project page​ for more information.

  • Manufactured Housing/Mobile Home Feasibility Study See the project page​ for more information

  • South Addition Neighborhood Plan The Long-Range Planning Division is providing technical assistance as necessary to the South Addition Community Council. See the project page​ for more information.​

  • ​​Title 21 Parking & Site Access Amendments​​ See the project page​ for more information.​​

Previous Projec​ts:


  • OUR DOWNTOWN STEPS 1, 2, & 3: This project was a three-step, multi-year process to update the Downtown Title 21 code and the Downtown Anchorage Comprehensive Plan. (2040 Actions 3-2 and 3-9). Passed unanimously by the Assembly on April 25, 2023. See the project ​page for more information.​​​​

  • PRIVATE STREETS AND RESIDENTIAL DRIVEWAYS:  This project clarified the decision-making process when determining whether a driveway or private street is required for new developments. ​​(Action 4-6) 

  • SMALL AREA IMPLEMENTATION PLANS:  ​The Anchorage Assembly adopted the Small Area Implementation Plan, a new master planning tool in Title 21, Chapter 21.03, Review and Approval Procedures, on June 8, 2021.  This project, which was brought forward by the Planning Department as a public heari​ng draft in February 2021, has implemented Anchorage 2040 Action 2-11. ​​