Private Streets and Residential Driveways

The project is intended to create clarity in the decision-making process when determining whether a driveway or private street is required for new developments.  

This project helps carry out Action 4-6 of the Anchorage 2040 Land Use Plan.  Action 4-6 will amend AMCR 21.90 with new options for private street development, delete the parking requirements out of AMCR 21.90, and refer users to Title 21 for several standards and definitions. 

Action 4-6 also makes additions to AMC Chapter 21.07.  These changes are intended to improve internal site circulation for vehicles, provide pedestrian connectivity and guest parking options, and introduces the Woonerf private street.  This effort will support new development of compact-scale infill housing.

Public Hearing Draft

The Public Hearing Draft was released for public review and comment in June, and a public hearing was held before the Planning and Zoning Commission on August 12, 2019.  Documents comprising Planning and Zoning Commission Case No. 2019-0079 are listed below. 

Anchorage Assembly

The Planning and Zoning Commission forwarded its recommendation to the Anchorage Assembly.  A public hearing was held on December 3, 2019, and the proposed amendment was adopted (AO No. 2019-132).

March 2019

The timeline and highlights for the project are below.

For information, contact Kristine Bunnell, Senior Planner, at 343-7993 or k‚Äč

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