Reinvestment Focus Area (RFA) Text Amendment Project Page

​Project Update: October 2022

  • ​The RFA Ordinance was adopted by the Assembly on October 11, 2022.​

RFA Text Amendment

​An RFA is a specially designated area that allows for target investments and cooperation through public-private partnerships. RFAs may be proposed by property owners but must be approved by the Assembly.

The 2040 Land Use Plan (LUP) identified Reinvestment Focus Areas (RFAs) as a key strategy for accomplishing Anchorage's desired land use goals and for directing “…infrastructure investments, incentives, and other actions to catalyze infill and redevelopment in strategic areas" across the city. The graphic below from the 2040 LUP identifies some of the potential RFAs within the Anchorage bowl:

​Potential Uses of RFAs:

1.    Sponsored or targeted area rezonings 
2.    Tax abatement and tax exemptions
3.    Transportation improvement plan funds

4.     Alley improvement funding

5.    Utility undergrounding funding

6.    Special assessment districts

7.    New zoning districts or overlay districts

8.    Revenue bonds (assembly approval, citywide election)

9.    Expedited permit reviews and inspections; (building services, assembly)

10.  Off-site improvement phasing, partnering agreements, public funding for improvements (project management and engineering, assembly)

11.  Fee waivers​

​Past Events:

Assembly Community and Economic Development Committee, July 14, 2022

Assembly, June 21, 2022 - Public Hearing

The ordinance was referred to the Assembly Community and Economic Development Committee (CEDC).

Assembly, May 24, 2022 - Introduction

The ordinance was introduced for public hearing on June 21, 2022.

Planning and Zoning Commission, March 14, 2022

The Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing and approved forwarding a recommendation of approval to the Anchorage Assembly. A public hearing before the Assembly is expected to be held sometime in May or June 2022.

The Planning and Zoning Commission staff packet is provided below.​

Project contact: Daniel Mckenna-Foster at 907-343-7918 or​

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