Compatible-Scale Infill Housing (R-2 Zones)

This project amends Anchorage's Title 21 zoning rules for the bulk and height of housing in the R-2A, R-2D, and R-2M zoning districts.

It aims to allow more housing opportunities while ensuring the height and scale of new development complements existing neighborhoods by replacing an existing 2.5-story construction limit with a more flexible standard for the size of new housing.

This project helps carry out Actions 4-4 and 7-2 of the Anchorage 2040 Land Use Plan.

Below are a schedule sheet, project flyer, and a slide presentation.  

Update - May 16, 2019 

PZC Hearing Closed: Next Steps

The Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) took written comments and testimony regarding the Public Hearing Draft R-2 Zones amendments on March 4.  The PZC closed the hearing and postponed its deliberations to a later date.  Planning Department staff is currently writing issue-responses to the public comments for PZC's consideration.  The staff has also been reviewing site testing results and shared its initial findings with the public, most recently at a May 14 Open House at Spenard Rec Center.  The PZC has received a time extension from the Anchorage Assembly to a date no later than in September to forward its recommendations.  After receiving PZC's recommendations, the Assembly would hold a public hearing and take final action. 

Public Hearing Draft Amendment 

Below are the public hearing draft documents comprising the Planning and Zoning Commission Case No. 2019-0009. 

The Public Hearing Draft zoning code amendments were released on December 10 for public review and comment and is in Exhibit B below. The draft adopting ordinance is also below.  The other Exhibits A, C, D, E, and F provide supporting information. 

Draft Adopting Ordinance  

Exhibit A:  Staff Report 

       - Appendix A-1, FAR Research

        -Appendix A-2, Site Testing

        -Appendix A-3, Solar Access Step-Back 

        -Appendix A-4, Additional Research (forthcoming; responds to issues raised at March 4 public hearing)

Exhibit B: Zoning Code Amendments 

Exhibit C:  Draft PZC Resolution (working draft material; requested by PZC chair)

Exhibit D:  Policy Guidance from the Comprehensive Plan

Exhibit E:  Public Comments Received (updated 3/18/2019)   

Exhibit F:  Comment Issue-Response (updated 2/27/2019) 

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