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Petition Information

The initiative and referendum procedures are detailed in the Municipal Charter under Section 3.02 and Municipal Code Section 2.50.

The 2015 Regular Mayoral Election established the current number of qualified voters required to file a petition for initiative or referendum at 5,754.

Petition Packet

Recall Packet

Petitions Currently Circulating:

2017-2 Regulating Access to Facilities Such as Locker Rooms and Bathrooms

Petitions Deemed Not Legally Sufficient:

2017-1 Municipal Attorney's Response

Petitions Returned with Sufficient Signatures to Be Placed on the Ballot:

2016-7 Repeal of AO 2016-124(S)(As Amended), Proposition 8 on April 4, 2017 Regular Election Ballot

Basic Steps of a Petition

Petition Application

  • Provide a Primary and an Alternate petition sponsor.
  • Prepare petition language.
  • Collect signatures of 10 qualified municipal voters who agree to act as sponsors.
  • Submit petition application to Municipal Clerk's Office for review.

Petition Application Review

  • Municipal Attorney reviews language on all petitions for legal sufficiency, or lack thereof.
  • Municipal Clerk verifies that petition sponsors are qualified municipal voters.
  • Primary petition sponsor is notified if petition application is certified.
  • If petition application is not certified, Primary sponsor is notified and provided with a memorandum from the Municipal Attorney.

Petition Circulation

  • Municipal Clerk will prepare master template on legal size paper (8 1/2" x 14"), to be used to gather signatures. The Municipal Clerk shall not be responsible for reproducing copies of the master form.
  • Petition sponsors circulate petition. Petition signatures must be secured within 90 days from the date of first actual circulation.
  • Petition Primary sponsor will then submit petition signatures to Municipal Clerk's Office for review.
  • Municipal Clerk's Office verifies the signatures to determine if signers are qualified Municipal voters.
  • Primary sponsor is notified if the petition meets the number of qualified municipal voters, or if deficit exists.
  • If there are insufficient signatures to certify the petition, the sponsors will have 10 days from the date the Municipal Clerk mails the notification to the Primary sponsor to provide the Municipal Clerk with clear and convincing evidence that signatures not counted were in fact signatures of qualified voters.
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