Municipal Addressing is the official regulatory authority on street addresses for the entire municipality.

Building Codes
Local Amendments of the Municipal Building Codes

Community Development
The Department of Neighborhoods manages the Municipality‚Äôs U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grants.

Code Enforcement Complaints
The Municipality investigates code violations primarily on a complaint basis. 

GIS / Mapping Information
Links to Maps and Mapping applications

Heritage Land Bank
Heritage Land Bank manages uncommitted municipal land and the Heritage Land Bank Fund.

Homeowner Information
Licensing and Permitting Information for homeowners.

The Planning department guides Anchorage land use development and community resources to meet the quality of life, economic, social, environmental, and physical needs of present and future residents.

Land Use Enforcement
Land Use Enforcement enforces regulations including planning, land use, subdivision, and non-conforming uses.

Municipal Codes
Online access to the Municipal Charter and code.

Planning e-alerts
Planning e-alerts helps citizens stay informed about planning projects and issues in their neighborhood.

Property Appraisal
Property Appraisal is charged with locating, identifying and valuing all taxable real property and personal property to provide a fair and equitable basis for taxation.

Real Estate Services
Real Estate Services buys, sells and leases land for other municipal departments and maintain the municipal land inventory.

Real Property Taxes
Search for your property to view property values.

Zoning  Mobile Homes/Mobile Home Parks
Zoning and Platting information for Mobile Homes.

Zoning Districts
Information about Residential, Business, Industrial and Other Zoning Districts.

Zoning & Platting Self Helps
Zoning & Platting Frequently Asked Questions

Zoning & Platting Cases On-line
Zoning & Platting Cases On-Line is 24 hour access to information regarding zoning and platting activity within your neighborhood.

Land Information, Zoning, Regulations & Codes