Anchorage - A Great Place to Live!

Anchorage, Alaska, one of America's most livable cities, is located in one of the world's most spectacular settings. Clean, healthy and vibrant, Anchorage prides itself on being an all-season gateway to adventure and natural beauty.

The National Civic League named Anchorage one of nine All-America Cities for 2002. Anchorage has won this honor three other times over the past 50 years.

Chosen from 100 competing cities and counties nationwide, Anchorage was honored in 1996 by the American Hiking Society as the runner-up for the first "Trail Town, U.S.A. Award." Our community has a network of 418 kilometers (259 miles) of hiking, biking, skiing and dog-mushing trails.​

Anchorage offers a wide range of activities in all seasons. In early summer it's possible to catch a 40-60 pound king salmon in Ship Creek right downtown. In winter, residents can cross country ski along well-groomed trails or downhill ski in south Anchorage.

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