In 2015, the Planning Department introduced a new and improved on-line access to zoning and platting case information, as well as an updated e-alert system.  Through the CityView Portal, you will be able to:

  • Look up the status of active cases;
  • View case applications;
  • Find public meeting dates and/or decision dates;
  • Submit case comments; and
  • View case comments.

 With the updated e-alert system, you will be able to:

  • Sign up for case notifications by community council area;
  • Receive case submittal email alerts by community council area; and
  • Receive case decision emails.

 Click here to go to the new CityView Portal.


Instructions about how to sign up for the new e-alert system:
  1. Go to the new CityView Portal (
  2. Click on “Register” from “Sign in/Register” just above the “Welcome” text. 
  3. Follow the instructions to create an account.  Click on the link in the activation email that will be sent to you.
  4. Select “My Community Notifications” from the second sentence on the webpage.
  5. Sign in to the site with your email address and password.
  6. On the “My Community Notifications” page, select whether you would like to receive real time notifications (one notification per case), or a single notification per day (all applicable cases in one email per day).  Note:  Unless you expect to be submitting an application for a zoning or platting case, you do not need to select “Send me email notifications about my related items.” (If you are not taken directly to the “My Community Notifications” page and instead find yourself on the “Welcome” page, click on “My Account” near the top and then “Change My Community Notifications.”)
  7. Select the community council or councils for which you would like to receive notifications.  If you would like to receive notifications for all councils, you can click “Subscribe To All” at the top of the list, rather than clicking on each check box.
  8. Underneath the list of community councils, there is a list of application types—for each application type, you can choose to be notified when an application is submitted, and when a decision is made.
  9. Once you have selected the councils and the application types, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Save.”
  10. Click on “Sign out” at the top of the page.  Any time you wish to modify your selections, you can sign in to your account and make changes.


How to view case information:
  1. Go to the new CityView Portal (
  2. Click on “Case Information” under the Planning Department heading.
  3. In the Search box, enter a case number, an address, or a key word (such as the case type—e.g., “rezone”).  Select the desired case from the drop down list, or click “Go!”
  4. Scroll below the map, find the desired case, and click on “Planning Status.”
  5. Case comments can be viewed on this screen.  (Please note that as of this email, there may be a bug that prevents all comments from showing on this screen—we are working to fix this asap.)

How to submit comments on-line:
  1. Go to the new CityView Portal (
  2. Click on “Submit Comments online.”
  3. Select the desired case number from the drop down list.  Please note that the case numbers are not in numerical order.
  4. Comments entered by others will be visible, and new comments can be entered.  Comments are also visible from the “Planning Status” page in the CityView Portal.



Please contact us at if you have problems, questions, or comments.  Thank you.