Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are permitted in licensed mobile home parks and in the R-5 zoning districts. They are prohibited in all other district.  (A mobile home may be used temporarily in the R-6, R-8 and R-9 districts while a permanent dwelling is under construction.)

Mobile homes do not meet the building code standards of construction or insulation.  The electrical and heating systems do not meet the standards required of conventional dwellings.  For these reasons, mobile homes that have been rebuilt or expanded with conventional framing are still considered mobile homes.

Premanufactured housing units that are certified by the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) as meeting the building code standards are not considered mobile homes and may be placed in any residential zoning district.

To move a mobile home either to a mobile home park or to a private lot requires a "mobile home set-up permit."  Mobile homes built before 1973 must also be inspected before they are moved.  To schedule a mobile home set-up inspection, call 343-8300.