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Design Meetings

Since 2014, the design team has been working with various focus groups to finalize design drawings for the first phase of implementation. Construction of Phase 1 is now under way! Some implementation priorities have not been designed yet, such as the potential BIKE PARK area. This will conclude after phase one of construction has been completed. 

If you would like to be included in future meetings please contact Maeve Nevins, Project Manager at

Design Meeting 1: Design Development General Meeting

Oct. 27, 2015; click for: meeting handout; presentation; feedback

Playground/Picnic Plaza Design Meeting #1:

Dec. 16, 2015; click for SURVEY;  presentation material

Bike Park Design Meeting #1:

Jan. 6, 2016; click for presentation

RC Park Design Meeting #1:

April 2016

Park and Recreation Commission Meeting:

Jan. 14, 2016; Informational presentation about phase 1 implementations

Bayshore/Klatt Community Council

Jan. 28, 2016; Seeking resolution in support of phase 1 implementations

Urban Design Commission Meeting

May 11, 2016; Seeking approval of phase 1 implementations

IMPORTANT UPDATE (Dec. 12, 2016):

The Bayshore Klatt Community Council has requested that the construction of the landscape berm along Klatt Road be lowered from 6 feet tall to 3 feet tall in average height. Due to the planning approval process, this change request will need to be reviewed by the Urban Design Commission (UDC).

May 8, 2017: Urban Design Commission approved a minor amendment to the previously approved major site plan. Resolution: UDC-2017-001

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Maeve Nevins Lavtar, Project Manager

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