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SASP Construction Status

Construction Schedule:

The new inclusive playground and ADA parking lot are now OPEN! There is a new picnic shelter and new bbq grill available for rent.

New LED lighting has been installed along ALL parking lots, roads and the playground!

Landscaping is completed in the parking areas and the playground, however the safety fence will remain up until the vegetation is established (summer 2018).

The Remote Control (RC) track has been relocated west of the ball fields, per the master plan. More work has to be done, including installation of an ADA vehicle control shelter, tentatively to be installed in 2018, as funding allows***.

Asphalt improvements were partially completed in the Fall 2017 and was extended into spring 2018 due to winter weather conditions. We will be adding new striping and traffic signs throughout all vehicular areas.

The new dog park area located on the north end of the park is in progress. There will be TWO dog park areas, one will include a new separate fenced area for "small" dogs (under 25 lbs) and the other is an "all dog" off-leash dog park area including a recently completed soft-surface trail loop. The "all" dog area will be open by Dec. 1, 2017. The "small" dog area will not be completed until mid-late summer 2018, as vegetation will need to be established.

The Utility project was completed in summer 2016, including the connection of existing infrastructure to Municipal water and installation of new sewer lines. All irrigation to ball fields is now fully operational.

The north-south connector soft-surface trail will be completed in late spring 2018.

Signage will be updated over the winter 2017-sping 2018.

The central "Flex-Field" are has been used for construction, it will continue to be in-progress through 2018 as we finish landscape improvements throughout the park.

The bike park is not included in this first phase of construction, however planning/design is tentatively scheduled to begin in the fall 2017. We will be forming an advisory committee with the Bayshore Klatt Community Council in the fall.

What's closed?

Currently there are no construction closures anticipated.

The central "flex" fields are still being used by contractors for staging of materials and supplies. Please use extreme caution in construction zones.

Thank you for your continued patience!

Co​ntact Info

Maeve Nevins Lavtar, Project Manager

Park Hours

Open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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