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Park/Facility Reservations

Thinking of having a special gathering with your friends, family, co-workers? Through the Parks & Recreation Department, you can request a reservation to rent one of the picnic shelters, parks, sports fields, outdoor hockey rinks, swimming pools for a pool party, or a room at one of our chalets or recreation centers. How about a scenic view for your wedding? Through our reservation system, you would obtain a permit that gives you first use priority at the location that you have chosen to hold your event. Fees are applicable, and will vary dependent on reservation location*. Some rental areas may require that you provide an insurance certificate or additional documentation. Alcohol is prohibited in all municipal parks and facilities unless you have submitted and been granted an alcohol waiver​. Waivers are not issued for lake parks.

There is no guarantee that portable restrooms are on site.  Portables  on site are on a pre-determined servicing schedule. Please consider calling Rent-A-Can @ 694-9202 to rent a portable specifically for your rental event, or consider contracting with Rent-A-Can to service portable on site just prior to your rental event. Rates will apply. Please make arrangements with RAC a minimum of 7 days prior to your rental date.

*A shelter/park/pool/facility is not reserved until payment in full has been received. Cancellation fees do apply.

How do you reserve your special place for your get together?

 Through this website, or one of our facilities, you can obtain and complete either a Letter of Intent or “Room Rental Request” form that you turn in to one of our offices. A staff member will review your request and check for availability at the location that you have requested, to be sure that space is available on the date and time that you have chosen to hold your event. Should the rental location, date, or time already be reserved by another party, a staff member can suggest some alternative dates for your consideration.

We will issue a permit to you at the time of your visit to one of our facilities, or a day or two later – we will then contact you to let you know that your permit is ready.  Also, we will let you know the total amount of your payment that is due. It’s that easy!

Would like to reserve a shelter that is available on line? Or check availability?

Click on the "Register Online" tab on the right side of this page, then select Reserve Shelter Reservations, log in or create a new account, or

If you don’t see a shelter listed, contact one of our facilities.

*New 2015 Trail Fees (are per registered participant)

Please visit one of our facilities:

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