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​If your vehicle was impounded for:

  • ​Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

  • Driving While License Suspended/Revoked/Cancelled (DWLS/R/C)

  • Driving Without Insurance (DWOI)​​​

  • Solicitation of Prostitution

  • Scofflaw - Click here to Search for Offenders​ 

Call (907) ​343-4575 or email: civilimpounds@muni.org  during normal business hours.  If you get the recording please leave your name, number and vehicle license plate or last 6 digits of the VIN number and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

​​Office Location: 632 W. 6th Ave., Suite 730
Impound Hours: 12:00 - 4:00 PM (Except Municipal Holidays​)
E-mail: civilimpounds@muni.org
To Retrieve ​a Vehicle, yo​u must:
  • be a registered owner - only a registered owner will have options and can retrieve the vehicle. To be a registered owner you must have DMV documentation reflecting you are the registered owner. A signed over title, and application for title and registration (in certain scenarios, an application might be accepted)  
  • the registered owner must first inquire the Muni Administrative Fee by calling (907) 343-4575. Then, you must call Vulcan Towing at (907) 349-8697 to schedule an appointment for retrieval.
  • ​Title to the vehicle and vehicle’s current registration (if you have neither, you will first have to contact the DMV),
  • Current Proof of insurance, which can be show electronically,
  • government-issued photo I.D., and
  • cash or money order
Click "Search Vehicles" below If Your Vehicle is in the Tow Yard:

For Bond Refund: Please E-mail: civilimpounds@muni.org
  • Submit the copy of your court judgment
  • Vehicle License Plate Number
  • Current Address
  • Contact Number​
For the bond refund, please note that it may take 6 to 8​ weeks to process. Kindly send us an email civilimpounds@muni.org​ to follow up on your bond refund.


A brief summary of options are as follows:

Vehicle impound fees and bonds vary depending on:

  • What the driver was charged or cited with,
  • Prior convictions of the driver; and/or
  • Age of the vehicle.

If the driver was charged or cited under State Statute, no fees are owed to the Municipality of Anchorage, but the State may charge its own fees.

A vehicle impounded for a DUI, certain DWLS/R/C, or Solicitation is considered either an Impound or Forfeiture depending on the Driver's prior convictions:

If the driver does NOT have any prior convictions, the vehicle is considered an impound;

If the driver has one or more prior convictions for either DUI, certain DWLS/R/C, or Solicitation the vehicle is considered a forfeiture.

A vehicle impounded for DWOI or certain DWLS/R/C is considered a Decline.