Impounded Vehicles

If a driver with no priors is convicted of either a DUI, a DWLS/R/C, DWOI, or Solicitation (with one prior conviction for DWOI), the vehicle that was involved will be ordered to serve 30 days in impound.  The Registered Owner (if not the driver or passenger at the time of the impound) has the following options:

Let the vehicle serve the 30 days then go to the Municipality and pay a $410.00 administrative fee plus towing and storage at the tow company;

Pay the Municipality's administrative fee of $410.00 and a $250.00 bond, plus towing and storage, to release the car.  If you choose this option, the vehicle must be returned to the tow yard if the driver is convicted of the charges, to finish serving its 30 days.  Once the vehicle is returned to impound, the $250.00 bond will be refunded to the owner.  Additional storage fees will accrue.  Failure to return the car will result in forfeiture of the bond and a tow locate will be placed on the vehicle;

If the registered owner was not the driver or passenger of the vehicle impounded, the registered owner may sign a stipulation.  In the stipulation the owner is indicating that he/she will not let the person who was driving at the time of the impound drive that vehicle again, without a valid license, while under the influence or without proper insurance.  If that person is caught driving the vehicle with an invalid license, under the influence or without proper insurance, the vehicle will be forfeited and auctioned by the City.  The cost of this option will range from $520.00 to $820.00 (plus towing and storage). This option is not available to a person who was driving the vehicle and is also the only owner, with no lienholder.

If you do not retrieve your vehicle at the end of the impound period, it and all of its contents may be sold at auction.