Plan Review

If you are building a new food or pool/spa facility in Anchorage or remodeling an existing facility in Anchorage, you will need to submit plans for review. A plan review is also required when there are extensive changes to the menu at a food facility. Plans must be submitted and approved by our office prior to any construction. Cosmetological​ facilities do not require a plan review although submitting plans for them is recommended.​ ​Please be aware that plan review applications may not be accepted after 3:00pm. ​​

Further guidance on the plan review process and application forms are available below. If you have questions about plan review, please call our office at 907-343-4200.

Plan Review Checklist

Plan Review Application

Plan Review Guidance Document

Permit Application

Fee Schedule

Variance Request Form

Please review the additional information below for Mobile Food Units

Mobile Unit Plan Review Guidance

Mobile Unit Check List

Approved ​Water Sources

Commissary Letter

Mobile Unit Floor Plan Example

Mobile Unit Plumbing Schematic Examples

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