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Food Safety and Sanitation

The Food Safety and Sanitation Program permits, regulates and inspects over 2,000 public facilities in the Municipality of Anchorage. The public facilities we regulate include food establishments, school kitchens, childcare kitchens, public pools and spas, beauty salons, barbershops, habilitative care facilities, and Correctional Community Residential Centers (CCRCs). We also regulate noise, smoking, pests in rental housing, the application of pesticides and administer the test for the Anchorage Food Worker Card.

New - Anchorage Food Facility Scoring

DHHS has reinstated a scoring system for restaurant and other food facility inspections performed in the Municipality.

Food Safety Inspector

* View inspection reports online (click here)

* To see a list of last week’s scored inspections (click here)

* To see a list of scored inspections since April 20, 2015 (click here)

*Cottage Food Exemptions*

Alaska Food Code allows for the sale of non-potentially hazardous foods sold directly to the consumer without a permit. Within the Municipality of Anchorage, a Health Permit and Variance are required for Cottage Food operations.

* List of Cottage Foods Exemptions (click here)

* Interested in becoming a cottage foods vendor? Questions about Muni Food Code? Check out our presentation to vendors (click here)

Do you have a complaint or concern about a public facility regulated by Food Safety and Sanitation? Timely reporting is key for a successful investigation. Responding to complaints and concerns is a priority for the Food Safety and Sanitation Program.

If you have a complaint or concern about sanitation in a food establishment in the Municipality of Anchorage or have other questions or concerns, please call our office at 343-4200 or you can file a complaint online using the following link:

File a Complaint Online

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 76 million persons experience food borne illnesses each year, resulting in 5,000 deaths annually; and though most consumers have a good foundation of food safety knowledge, problem areas, complacency and food safety gaps still exist; and Government research shows that this gap results in increased risk of foodborne illness and food safety education is vital in helping to combat this public health issue. Consumers need to know simple steps they can take to prevent foodborne illness. The Department of Health & Human Services is committed to educating the citizens of Anchorage about food safety throughout the year. Please check out our link to Home Food Safety Mythbusters. (Click Here)

If you believe you may have become ill as a result of eating food from a public food facility such as a restaurant or from swimming at a public swimming pool, please call our office at 343-4200 or for weekend or after hours, call (800) 478-0084.

We are located at 825 L Street on the third floor. We are open Monday - Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm and closed daily for lunch from 12:00pm-1:00pm.

If you would like to stop by the office to speak with an inspector we suggest that you call ahead to make an appointment to ensure an inspector will be available to speak with you. Inspectors are frequently conducting on-site inspections in the field and may not be immediately available in person.

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