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Animal Care & Control

Licensing Your Dog

Did you know that all dogs over the age of four months are required to be licensed and wear their current license tag?

Why does your dog need to be licensed?
  • A license provides Identification if your dog is lost.
  • License fees help support the services of Anchorage Animal Care and Control, including reuniting lost pets with their family.     
  • Local veterinarians are generally more willing to invest in emergency treatment for animals wearing a license tag. 
Purchasing a License

For licensing questions, including questions regarding the online renewal process, please email    

Dog licenses may be purchased for one, two, or three years.  The license period cannot exceed the rabies vaccine expiration date.  A license is only valid if the dog's rabies vaccination is current. 

Owners of four or more dogs are required to obtain a multi-animal facility license.  Click here for more information on facility licensing. 

You can download our Individual and Facility Licensing brochure here.


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