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Love Me with a License

Treat your dog to dog parks, expedited reunions, proof of ownership, and more!  It’s also the law. Dog licenses are required in the Municipality of Anchorage and — in addition to rabies vaccinations — must be kept current. 

New or Renew Today:

  • Online
  • Mail-in
  • In-person: at  Anchorage Animal Care and Control or participating veterinary clinics:
    • Alaska Equine and Small Animal Hospital
    • Alaska Veterinary Clinic
    • Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital
    • College Village Animal Clinic
    • Cornerstone Animal Hospital
    • The Pet Stop
    • Ravenwood Veterinary Clinic
    • Sand Lake Animal Hospital
    • Southside Animal Hospital
    • Alaska SPCA Clinic
    • VCA Alaska Pet Care Animal Hospital
    • VCA Alpine Animal Hospital
    • VCA Bering Sea Animal Hospital
    • VCA East Anchorage Animal Hospital 

Dog Licensing Benefits:

✓ Expedited Reunions if Lost; Animal Control officers may even deliver!
✓ Legal Access to Dog Parks
✓ Serves as one Type of Proof of Ownership
✓ Extra Form of Identification
✓ Being Lawful — and Avoiding Fines

Dog License Fees Also Support:

✓ Food & Shelter for Homeless Animals
✓ Adoption Services
✓ Education Programs
✓ Ongoing efforts to create a safe, dog-friendly community.

Dog License Fees:

The license period cannot exceed the rabies vaccine expiration date. A license is only valid if the dog's rabies vaccination is current. 

Municipal Dog License Fees 

Unsterilized Dog:

  • Up to 1 Year License: …$23  
  • Up to 2 Year License: …$43  
  • Up to 3 Year License: …$63

Sterilized Dog:

  • Up to 1 Year License: $15
  • Up to 2 Year License: $27
  • Up to 3 Year License: $39

Note: Owners of four or more dogs are required to obtain a multi-animal facility license.  Click here for more information.

    • Animal Care & Control
    • Manager: Dr. Myra Wilson
    • 4711 Elmore Road, Anchorage, AK 99507
    • (907)343-8122