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Daily AQI Forecast

Tuesday - May 28th

​​Yesterday Anchorage had good air quality with a daily index value of 9.  We expect good air quality today with a forecasted index value of 15.

Near real-time citizen air quality data is available at:  ​​https://www.purpleair.com

​​​​​​​Data from the Alaska DEC air monitoring network is available at:  http://dec.alaska.gov/Applications/Air/airtoolsweb/Aq/

Air Quality Index (AQI) Reporting​​​​​​​​​

Updates about air pollution levels in Anchorage, Alaska can be obtained by visiting this website daily, or by calling 343-4899.  Both are updated each weekday by 9 am and more often whenever significant air quality impacts ​occur.  Air Program staff can be reached on weekdays (except for holidays) from 8 am to 4 pm by calling (907) 343-6520.

What are the health risks associated with this AQI level?

The values given for AQI relate pollutant concentrations to health effects that may be experienced at those levels by means of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Air Quality Index. For further information about the index from EPA click ​here.

Air quality data throughout Alaska is collected & reported by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation - Air Monitoring Program.  That data is available from their AQI Report web-page, which is accessible by clicking on the large AQI Logo above or by visiting http://dec.alaska.gov/Applications/Air/airtoolsweb/Aq/​. The link immediately below explains AQI values and their health effect significance.

Anchorage Air Quality Standards

The US Environmental Protection Agency has set air quality standards for six air pollutants. These are carbon monoxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, airborne lead, and two size categories of fine particulates called PM-10 and PM-2.5. Anchorage currently meets standards for all six of these pollutants. However, levels of PM-10, or course particulate, sometimes approach federal standards.

The Air Quality Program is responsible for monitoring and reporting levels of air pollutants, such as carbon monoxide and fine particles, within the municipality of Anchorage. The Program also responds to local air quality complaints and is responsible for various air quality projects. The "Menu" drop-down (In gray bar near Top, Left of this page) contains links to services provided by this program. For current air quality conditions you can also call the Air Quality Hotline at 343-4899.

If you use a wood stove or fireplace, please burn only  clean dry wood with enough ventilation to prevent smoldering.  Burning combustible trash is forbidden by municipal ordinance because it produces noxious smoke.  Please help us all be able to enjoy  clean, healthy  air.  If you have an air quality concern, please call the Anchorage Health Department, Environmental Services Program at 343-4200.

Please also help us reduce airborne dust which can significantly affect children, the elderly and individuals who struggle with heart and lung ailments.  Please do not use of leaf blowers on dusty / dry landscapes.  Wet dusty surfaces prior to sweeping to avoid generation of airborne dust.  Use of leaf blowers to dry-sweep sediments is prohibited per the Anchorage Air Quality Ordinance​: §15.30.060 A.  To report violations please call the Anchorage Air Quality Specialist at (907) 343-6520.

We encourage​ you to share the this Sweep Guidelines Letter_ 2022.pdf with your property manager or sweeping contractor to assist us in this effort.  

On behalf of all who appreciate clean,​ healthful air – Thank You.

Link to Short-term Air Quality Data for the Anchorage area

Get the most recent air quality data from stations in Anchorage and Eagle River by means of the Alaska AQI. Levels given use data from recent hours only at each monitoring site. They will differ from the EPA index reported and forecast above because of their short-term nature. The Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation maintains this information. Monitors within the Municipality include "Garden" - a site in the Airport Heights neighborhood in north Anchorage; "Laurel" - located on Tudor Road near the intersection with Lake Otis; "Parkgate" - a site on the Old Glenn Hwy. in the business district of Eagle River. Though monitors continuously collect data, reporting of information from sites via the internet may be periodically interrupted. 

Health Advisory Notification

Health advisories are issued whenever air pollution levels reach or are predicted to reach unhealthful levels. These advisories are released to the news media and include advice to people who may be at risk.

Complaint Investigation

Complaints about odors, dust, smoke, illegal open burning, smoking vehicles and other clean air code violations can be reported by calling 343-4200. A complaint can also be filed online by clicking here.

Air Quality Operating Permit Review

Most permitting is handled by the State of Alaska, Department of Environmental Conservation (269-7500). Certain types of facilities, however, are permitted through the Municipal Air Quality Program. The Air Quality Program reviews applications for fire training and some incineration facilities. Call 343-4200 for more information.​


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