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This page contains agendas and recordings of all Assembly meetings and other Municipal meetings that use the OnBase agenda system. You can also find recordings of Assembly Worksessions and Committee Meetings here after these meetings have taken place. To see complete documents for those meetings, go to the committees and worksessions pages. This is not a complete calendar of upcoming meetings. Click here to see the full Assembly calendar. ​​​


MOA Meetings on YouTube >>

Visit our YouTube channel to view live meeting and audio/video recordings, subscribe to the Municipality of Anchorage Meetings and get notified about upcoming meetings.

You can also find meeting recordings by searching the Meetings and Agenda table below.


Search Meetings an​d Age​ndas - Search for agendas, supporting documents, and meeting minutes for Assembly and certain other municipal meetings dating back to 2008 by selecting the meeting type and a date range for your search. Documents from past Assembly meetings, dating back to 1975 can be found on the Public Portal to Assembly Documents. If you can't find an Assembly record through the search page, please email WWMASMC@anchorageak.gov to request a copy. Click here to make a public records request.


Assembly Website >>