Land Use Studies and Reports

Please note: Some of these documents are very large and may take several minutes to download.   Please email or call 343-7536 if you have any questions or to request hard copies at cost.

An Inventory of Potentially Developable HLB Parcels in Girdwood (2023)

3rd & Ingra/Former Alaska Native Service Hospit​al Master Plan (2019)

The Public Facility Site Selection to Relocate the Anchorage School District Student Transportation Facility

Chugiak-Eagle River Site Specific Land Use Plan 2018 Update

Wetlands Prioritization Project (Dec 2012)​

Potter Valley Land Use Analysis​

Girdwood South Townsite Area Master Plan

Lower Girdwood Valley Appraisal

Lower Matrix Feasibility Report  (Holtan Hills)​

Winner Creek trails feasibility study      

Winner Creek Resort Report and Market Analysis

Terrain Suitability ​Study - Glacier-Winner Creek area

Alaska Mountain Safety Center's Avalanche Study for the Glacier-Winner Creek area in Girdwood

Final Crow Creek Neighborhood Land Use Study (April 2006)

Draft 2001 Land Use Study for the NW Quarter of Section 25, located in the Birchwood AK area. 

Note: There is no final version of this document.