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The Heritage Land Bank and Real Estate Services are Divisions of the Real Estate Department.   We manage municipally owned real estate property and administer the tax-foreclosure process.

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Girdwood Residential 2021 RFP

The intent of the Request for Proposal (RFP) is to develop a portion of three parcels currently in the Heritage Land Bank inventory located in Girdwood Alaska, legally described as Tract I Alyeska Subdivision Prince Addition (Plat 87-131) (PID 075-311-04), Tract B Girdwood Elementary School Subdivision (Plat 85-38) (PID 075-031-32), and Tract 9A Section 9 T10N R2E (Plat 73-220) (PID 075-041-31) in a manner that is consistent with the goals of the Girdwood Area Plan and the Crow Creek Neighborhood Land Use Study and which provides the highest and best use of the site. RFP submissions due prior to 5 pm on May 14, 2021. For information, call Robin Ward at 907-343-7536 or email  See Properties for Lease or Sale for more info.

On February 12, 2019, the Anchorage Assembly passed an ordinance, AO 2019-9(S), amending Anchorage Municipal Code and establishing a Foreclosure Registry.

More info: contact Tiffany Briggs at 907-343-7525 or

AO 2019-9(S), As Amended

AO 2019-101(S)

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Lease or Sale of municipal property                                      

The Real Estate Department is offering municipally owned parcels for lease or sale.

For all the details and bid information: Properties for Lease or Sale 

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The annual TAX AND/OR SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS FORECLOSURE SALE for 2020 was held Wednesday, May 27. There will not be a sale in 2021. Details: MOA Foreclosed Properties Sale     

The "Notice of Foreclosure" publication was published March 2021, listing properties delinquent in real property taxes and/or special assessments for 2020 and prior years.    Details: Real Estate Services    [NOTE: properties in the Notice of Foreclosure publication are NOT included in this year's foreclosed properties sale and are not being offered for sale by MOA]              

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HLB Mapping Application

See the Mapping Application to view the HLB inventory.  This link provides you with the locations of HLB and other properties.

Our Real Estate Services Division handles tax delinquent properties and the sale of tax-foreclosed properties.


The following HLB documents are available for download, or by email:

Heritage Land Bank Property Disposal Guide

HLB Advisory Commission agendas and meeting minutes: HLB Commission page

HLB Policies 

Application to Acquire Land in the HLB Inventory

For Land Use Permits (short-term) please call the HLB office at 343-7534.

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