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What We Do​​​
​The Child Care Licensing Program (CCL) routinely monitors both licensed child care centers and homes within the Municipality of Anchorage through routine on-site announced and unannounced inspections, including investigating reports of concern and complaints about licensed child care facilities and facilities operating without a license. The goal of CCL is to help reduce predictable risk of harm to children, however, CCL cannot guarantee that a facility meets all code requirements at all times.

All licensed facilities fall under the regulatory jurisdiction of Anchorage Municipal Child Care Code 16.55 (AMC 16.55), State of Alaska Regulations, 7 AAC 10, 7 AAC 57, AS 47.05 and AS 47.32. The program administrator is responsible for knowing and complying with applicable regulations and statutes.

​Facility programs vary in size, location, services, and philosophy. Families are encouraged to visit facilities, ask questions, and carefully compare several programs prior to making a final decision. Choosing a child care facility is a significant decision and that choice depends on what the family wants and needs for their child.​​

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