​​​​​​​Getting Started With Child Care Licensure​

​The first step in applying for licensure is to determine what type of facility you will be operating. There are three possible pathways, including a child care home, a child care center, and an in rare cases, an exempt facility. Select the appropriate pathway for you​r facility below.

​I'm Opening a Child Care Home​​
​I'm Opening a Child Care Center
​​ ​​​​​
I'm Opening an Exempt Facility
In certain cases, your facility may not be subject to licensure. However, an exempt facility must still apply for an exemption. To learn more about exemptions and fill out the ​​Request for Exemption Form, click the link below.

Request an Exemption

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​​Need Application Help?​​​

 ​​Call (907) 343-4758

​​​ hhsccl@muni.org​

​​Live Outside of Anchorage?

If you live outside of th​​e Municipality of Anchorage and would like information about being licensed in Alaska, please contact the State of Alaska Child Care​​​ Program Office (CCPO)

 Call (907) 269-4​​​500

​​​ ccpo@alaska.gov​​