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What We Do​​​
​The Child Care Licensing Program (CCL) routinely monitors both licensed child care centers and homes within the Municipality of Anchorage through routine on-site announced and unannounced inspections, including investigating reports of concern and complaints about licensed child care facilities and facilities operating without a license. The goal of CCL is to help reduce predictable risk of harm to children, however, CCL cannot guarantee that a facility meets all code requirements at all times.

All licensed facilities fall under the regulatory jurisdiction of Anchorage Municipal Child Care Code 16.55 (AMC 16.55), State of Alaska Regulations, 7 AAC 10, 7 AAC 57, AS 47.05 and AS 47.32. The program administrator is responsible for knowing and complying with applicable regulations and statutes.

​Facility programs vary in size, location, services, and philosophy. Families are encouraged to visit facilities, ask questions, and carefully compare several programs prior to making a final decision. Choosing a child care facility is a significant decision and that choice depends on what the family wants and needs for their child.​​

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Prop 14 - Anchorage Child Care & Early Education Fund​

In April 2023, Anchorage voters approved Proposition 14 which dedicates the Municipality of Anchorage's marijuana tax revenue to child care and early childhood education. The funds will start accumulating in January 2024 with an estimated five millions dollars annually and will be dispersed starting in 2025. 

The ACCEE Fund can be spent creating access to child care and early education programs; supporting reading programs; supporting child care or early education provider training, professional development, staffing, and/or livable wages; or funding facilities. Funding can be delivered in a variety of ways, including through the issuance of grants or the completion of studies or research related to child care and early education. 

​Visit the ACC​EE Fund Website