Customer Services Section

The customer service counter is provided for citizens and businesses needing services from Food Safety & Sanitation and Air Quality.  

Anchorage Health Department
Environmental Health
825 L Street, 3rd Floor
Anchorage, AK 99501

Customer Service Counter Hours:

Monday - Friday   8:30 AM to 4:30 PM     

Closed 12-1 PM for lunch and all Major Holidays


Citizen Inquiries and Complaints

Persons wishing to contact any of the several Environmental Health programs or individual staff may call the main number at 907-343-4200. The customer service staff answering the phones can provide basic information about food safety and sanitation, air quality, or noise, and can explain basic procedures for obtaining food permits, beauty and barber shop permits and related approvals. A caller needing technical information will be transferred to an appropriate employee if available. Voice mail is available for after hours messages at 907-343-4200. 

Persons who wish to report code enforcement violations may call 907-343-4200, the MOA complaint hotline at 907-343-4141, or file a complaint online.

Code Complaints​

Environmental Health enforces codes related to food safety and sanitation, beauty and barber shops, pesticide applications, air pollution, and noise. Complaints about violations of these codes are entered into a computer database and each is assigned to an employee knowledgeable in the code and in enforcement procedures. Each year Environmental Health staff responds to approximately 500 code violation complaints. The identity of the complainant is kept confidential unless the case comes before an administrative hearing officer or judge. Click here to file a complaint.   

Since the computerized complaint system is interdepartmental, Environmental Health staff sometimes receive complaints related to municipal building safety, land use and right-of-way codes. Upon entry these complaints are referred to the appropriate department for resolution.

Receipt of permit and certificate applications and collection of fees

The Environmental Health counter staff accepts applications for food facility permits, noise permits, beauty and barber shop permits, and commercial pesticide applicator permits. Fees for permits are due upon application.  Annual fees may be paid over the counter by cash, check or credit card. Payment by mail may be made by check only.