​​​Grants & Contracts​​​

​The Grants and Contracts section conducts the behind-the-scenes negotiating, contracting, and monitoring work for the department so that its programs can focus on providing quality health and human services to the community.

One grant and contract supervisor and three full-time grant and contract administrators manage and monitor over 100 grants, contracts, and agreements totaling over ten million dollars annually. Examples of agreements administered include: Human Services Community Matching Grant; Community Development Public Service Block Grants; Animal Care and Control Services; Making-A-Difference Juvenile Offender program grants; Federal Emergency Preparedness Grants and associated partner agreements; Emergency Shelter Maintenance and Operation Grants; U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance and Office on Violence Against Women grants to operate the Anchorage Sexual Assault Response Team, with multiple subcontracts and agreements; EPA Air Quality Initiatives Grants, Contracts, and Memoranda of Understanding; and Senior Centers Management and Maintenance contracts, among many more.

Funding for grants is generally provided through federal and state pass-through monies appropriated to meet specific policy objectives. Parties interested in seeking funding are advised to review the state and federal grant websites (links provided to the right).

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