Delinquent Criminal/Civil Fines and Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I know if my Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) check is going to be garnished to pay all or part of what I owe the Municipality of Anchorage?

A: In early September the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Corporation will send out letters to those individuals whose PFD checks have been garnished by the Municipality of Anchorage, IRS, State of Alaska and others.  (Click the following link to check the status of your Alask​a PFD check)

Q: What if I paid the balance owed and my PFD check was also garnished?

A: Assuming all your accounts on the Delinquent Criminal/Civil Fines and Fees receivable are paid in full, a refund check will be issued to you for the amount overpaid.  Refunds are issued on a first come – first serve basis and are subject to available staff resources.  Processing of refunds tied to this year’s PFD garnishment will begin in November.

Q: How can I obtain information about my case?

A: Click here to view contact information regarding:

  • Anchorage Criminal & Civil Court Cases
  • Anchorage Traffic Cases​
  • Anchorage Municipal Code

Q: What if I dispute the amount owed to the City?

A: Please email us with the details of your dispute as it relates to payment status.  Click here:

Note: Disputes relating to actions by the court or by the prosecutor’s office should be directed to these agencies and not to the aforementioned email address.

Q: How can I find out if I owe the City money for some of the other types of receivables cited in the Internal Auditor’s report?

A: Currently we are unable to offer an internet listing of outstanding accounts for the other miscellaneous receivables cited in the Internal Auditor’s August 2003 report.

Please refer to the following contact list for other miscellaneous receivable accounts:

  • Animal Control accounts owing   (907) 343-8119
  • Risk Management accounts owing (907) 343-2529
  • Library accounts owing  (907) 343-2975

Risk Management cases include recovery of damage made to municipal property by private individuals (e.g., driver who runs over a stop sign or light pole).