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​​Finance Department

​The Chief Fiscal Officer (CFO) manages the financial activity of the Municipality of Anchorage to provide accurate and timely financial information for strategic planning, management, and decision support to the Mayor, elected officials and the general public. The current CFO is Alden P. Thern.​

Departments managed by the CFO:

The Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) Finance Department serves to provide stewardship, primary funding, financial management and centralized financial reporting in support of General Government, Municipal Enterprises/Utilities, the Anchorage School District and the vision of the Mayor’s Office. Our work serving the citizens of Anchorage is in line and motivated by the values of fairness, equity, efficiency, reliability, consistency, integrity, professional standards, and adherence to formal laws and practices governing the MOA’s overall operations. Our primary focus areas include various forms of taxation, realization and analysis of major municipal revenues, debt financing and investments, and financial reporting. A primary objective measure of our success is reflected in the high bond rating awarded to the MOA.

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