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The Municipal Ombudsman's Office was established in addition to other remedies or rights of appeal, as an independent, impartial municipal office, readily available to the public, responsible to the Assembly, empowered to investigate the acts of Municipal agencies and the Anchorage School District, and to recommend appropriate changes toward the goals of safeguarding the rights of persons and of promoting higher standards of competency, efficiency, and equity in the provision of municipal services (A.M.C. Chapter 2.60). The office was established in 1977 by  AO 1977-94.

The Ombudsman's Office recognizes Municipal employees who offer exceptional customer service with our Above and Beyond Award. To nominate an employee, please click here.

The Ombudsman's Office recently implemented an Ombudsman Online Complaint System which allows people to file and track complaints online. The system is optimized to also allow for use with smart phones and tablets. One-time registration is required to use the system. Although details of Ombudsman Complaints are confidential, contact information entered on the portal is accessible by Municipal agents. The links below both require you to log-in before you can file a complaint or check on the status of a complaint.

File A Complaint Online

Track A Complaint Online (that was filed online)

Complaints alleging discrimination are usually referred to the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission.

Darrel W. Hess, Municipal Ombudsman

May Ramirez-Xiong, Deputy Ombudsman

Heather MacAlpine, Associate Ombudsman​

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