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Land Use Enforcement

Land Use Enforcement

Land Use Enforcement enforces regulations including planning, land use, subdivision, and non-conforming uses. Examples of typical violations include zoning, structures encroaching on required setbacks, and junk cars on private property. Land Use Enforcement has the primary responsibility for Anchorage Municipal Code Title 21 but also has the ability to enforce approximately nine other codes as required.

If you have a complaint, we encourage you to register it here on line or you may call Land Use Enforcement to register your complaint by phone, at 343-4141. You will be required to give your name or any other personal information to register a complaint, however all complainant information is kept confidential.

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    • Land Use Enforcement
    • Director: Kent Kohlhase
    • 4700 Elmore Road, Anchorage, AK 99507
    • 907 343-8301