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Welcome to the Municipal Real Estate Department's website!   

We manage Municipally owned real estate property.

The Heritage Land Bank (HLB) and Real Estate Services (RES) are Divisions of the Real Estate Department.  For office hours and location, click on "Contact Information."

For Private Property questions such as assessments, zoning and taxes, click on any of the appropriate Quick Links, below.

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Still have questions or comments?  Just call (907-343-7533) or e-mail us at: 

What's new for the Heritage Land Bank Division:

The Assembly Approved 2014 HLB Work Program & Five-Year Plan

The Heritage Land Bank Advisory Commission held a public hearing at its Dec. 12, 2013 meeting and considered public testimony.  Amendments were made to the draft as a result, with additional amendments made after the Commission's March 2014 public hearing that reviewed and approved Appendix F of the plan.  The Anchorage Assembly revised and approved the plan at a public hearing on April 22. 2014. 



Below are links to the 2013 HLB Work Program and 2014-2018 Five-Year Plan.  The  Assembly approved the document on April 23, 2013, following public hearings at the HLB Commission and Assembly meetings. 

Lease or Sales of municipal property                                      

The Real Estate Department is offering municipally owned parcels for lease or sale.

For all the details and bid information, click on "Properties for Lease or Sale" in the left-hand column. 

Questions:  Call (907) 343-7536 or 343-7986.             

IN OTHER NEWS...                              


The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a Public Notice on October 8, 2010 that initiated a thirty-day comment period for soliciting comments on the proposed Heritage Land Bank Mitigation Bank Prospectus. The Municipality intends to set up a mitigation bank in Anchorage for the preservation of watershed basins in the Municipality.  It consists of four sites: 1) Alpine View Estates, in Girdwood; 2) Connors Bog, located in West Anchorage; 3) Southwest School Site, located between W. 92nd and W. 96th Avenues; and 4) Campbell Tract, located off Elmore Road. To learn more about this public notice, click on: Public Notice of Application.  

If you have questions or would like more information regarding the mitigation bank prospectus, you may contact our office at 343-7533, or visit our office located at 4700 Elmore Road, 2nd floor, to review a copy, or to purchase a hard copy for $21.45 (to cover printing costs).

What's new for the Real Estate Services Division:                      

The annual FORECLOSURE SALE for 2014 occurred Wednesday, April 16th.  For details on this sale, please click on "MOA's Foreclosed Properties Sale" page link above and in the left-hand margin.     

There is also a "Notice of Foreclosure" publication that was published in March 2014, listing properties delinquent in real property taxes and delinquent special assessments for 2013 and prior years.    To view or download this publication, go to the "Real Estate Services" web page link in the Left-hand column.    
[PLEASE NOTE: properties in the Notice of Foreclosure publication were NOT included in this year's foreclosed properties sale and not being offered for sale by MOA.]              

Please click on the "Staff" link in the left sidebar to access a list of our office fax and phone numbers.


HLB policies

To see our current approved policies, please click: 2008 HLB Policies 

HLB Mapping Application

See the Mapping Application to view the HLB inventory.  This link provides you with the locations of HLB properties and basic information such as size and zoning.

Note: the Real Estate Services Office is located with the Heritage Land Bank on the second floor of the Municipality's Permit Center at: 4700 Elmore Road

Our Real Estate Services Division handles tax delinquent properties and the sale of tax-foreclosed properties.


The following Heritage Land Bank documents are available for download as PDF's, or as email attachments by contacting the office at:

Please specify if you would like to receive the HLBAC Agenda on a monthly basis.  All other documents are available on an as-requested basis.

    • Real Estate Department
    • Director: Tammy Oswald
    • 4700 Elmore Road, 2nd floor, Anchorage, AK 99507
    • 907 343-7533

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