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2016 Tax Foreclosure Sale was Wednesday, April 13th

The properties that were available for the sealed bid sale:  Tax Foreclosure Sale List 

Results of Sale

Property Profiles: Legal and other pertinent documents pertaining to each of the sold properties are located in the right margin. 

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To LEARN HOW the FORECLOSURE SALE WORKS, please review:  Foreclosed Properties Guide.                      

IRS Guidance:
IRS document for guidance when a federal tax lien is attached to a property: IRS Guidelines            

The annual Notice of Foreclosure booklet is now available.  This is a list of properties that, as of March 2016, were delinquent in real property taxes and/or special assessments for 2015 and prior years.  2016 Notice of Foreclosure booklet

NOTE: These parcels are NOT currently available for sale by the Municipality, nor included in the 2016 Foreclosed Properties Sale.   

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Historical Information

Previous foreclosed properties sales 2005-2015:

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Property Profiles contain basic title information, reports and location maps that can assist potential bidders with their research. 

2016 PROPERTY LISTING:              
003-101-44            819 Medfra St

003-252-02            NHN

012-514-21            NHN

012-514-33            NHN

051-053-10            24251 Sunnyside Dr

051-144-16            22030 Newton Ct