To connect our community with safe, reliable transportation options, emphasizing customer service while providing economic, social, and environmental benefits.

People Mover​ 

People Mover is a division of the Municipality of Anchorage's Public Transportation Department (PTD) and is the largest public transit provider in the State of Alaska.

Our buses hit the road on July 1, 1974 with 39,505 passengers hitching a ride during the first month. In 2008, People Mover set a ridership record of 4,220,667 trips that year. Today, each weekday, about 12,000 passengers enjoy a ride, boarding at one of our many bus stops in t​he greater Anchorage and Eagle River areas.

T​he People Mover fleet includes modern, accessible, comfortable buses that travel 2.1 million miles annually - that's almost 85 trips around the world.​


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