​License and Special Land Use Permit for Marijuana Establishments

All commercial marijuana establishment (cultivation, manufacturing, testing, and retail) within the Municipality of Anchorage require a State of Alaska license from the Marijuana Control Board, a Municipality of Anchorage license issued by the Anchorage Assembly, and a Special Land Use Permit for Marijuana, also issued by the Anchorage Assembly.

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How to Apply for a License/Special Land Use Permit


Once a marijuana license application has been submitted to the State of Alaska, applicants may wish to schedule a pre-application meeting with the Planning and Development Services Department before submitting a Municipal marijuana license application, in order to discuss applicable code previsions that will be required.

Please contact the Planning Department at 343-7931, or request a pre-application meeting HERE.


Prior to applying for a municipal license and special land use permit, applicants are required to hold a community meeting.


Title 21 has general development standards that apply to the establishment of new uses/new development.  There are requirements for parking (except for in the downtown zoning districts), lighting, landscaping, open space, pedestrian facilities, and the like. For more information regarding what requirements apply to your location, contact the Planning Department at 343-7931.

If you are locating your business in an existing building, your location may have grandfather/nonconforming rights. A nonconforming determination is recommended--contact Land Use Review at 343-8380 for more information.


NOTICE:   Marijuana license application forms have been updated. Please download current forms at the below links!   

Your state application is required to be determined complete by the state Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office (AMCO) before you can submit a municipal application. The Planning Department will not accept applications before the state application is deemed complete.

The municipal license and special land use permit are applied for on a single application form. Once you have compiled all of the required documentation for your application, submit one copy to the Planning Department (4700 Elmore Road). Planning staff will review the application for completeness. Once deemed complete, you will need to submit 17 complete copies of the application and supporting information, and pay the special land use permit fee ($1,700).

For cultivation facilities, "a letter from the applicable electric utility stating that the power capacity at the proposed location is sufficient for the intended use" is required.


The municipal approval process will take approximately two months from the time you have submitted 17 copies of a complete application and your special land use permit fee.  During that time period, municipal agencies, utilities, community councils, and the general public will review and submit comments on your application.  Staff at the Planning Department and the Clerk's Office will review your application and the comments received. Staff will draft an Assembly Resolution (AR) with proposed conditions on your marijuana license to address Title 10.80 requirements and/or propose conditions on your special land use permit for marijuana to address Title 21 requirements, which will be submitted for Assembly consideration.  The Planning Department will send public hearing notices to residents and property owners within 500 feet of a proposed marijuana establishment location a minimum of 21 days in advance of the scheduled public hearing before the Assembly. 


The week before your scheduled public hearing, you will be requested to attend a meeting of the Assembly Community and Economic Development Committee.  This Assembly Committee will closely review your application and the recommendations of the Clerk's Office and the Planning Department, and may wish to ask you questions.  The Committee will usually make a recommendation to approve, approve with additional conditions, or not to approve, to the full Assembly.


All new municipal marijuana license applications are set for public hearing at a Regular Assembly Meeting. The Assembly reviews and makes the final decision regarding applications. If your application is approved by the Assembly, you will have conditions placed on your license and special land use permit (SLUP).  If the Assembly approves a municipal marijuana license, the Clerk's Office will send notice to AMCO that the municipal protest of the State of Alaska marijuana license application has been lifted.

Although the Assembly approves a license/SLUP, the establishment MAY NOT begin operations until all of the required conditions of the Assembly approval have been met, municipal and state inspections are passed, and subsequently, the establishment receives its state license, municipal license, and municipal SLUP certificate. 


Work with the planner assigned to your case and the Clerk's Office (343-4316 or MuniLicenses@anchorageak.gov) to complete applicable conditions.  You will also need to have a certificate of occupancy (CO) or conditional certificate of occupancy (CCO) before requesting an inspection from the municipality.  Once you have completed all your licensing and land use conditions, received a CO or CCO, and filed a notice of zoning action with the State of Alaska Recorders Office, you must submit a Municipal Inspection Request form.

You must request and pass inspections by both the Municipality and the State of Alaska.

Once you have passed all of your inspections, provide a copy of your state marijuana license and CCO or CO to the Clerk's Office (632 W. 6th Avenue {City Hall}, Suite 250). Please contact the Clerk's Office at 907-343-4316 to verify your marijuana license and special land use permit requirements are complete. The Clerk's Office will only issue the license and special land use permit certificate once all requirements are complete and verification of successful inspections have been received.

Once the Clerk's Office has issued your license and special land use permit certificate:

    • If you are opening a cultivation, manufacturing, or testing facility, you are now ready to operate! 
    • If you are opening a retail store, you will need a "full shelf" inspection from the Health Department before opening--contact DHHS at 343-6718.
    • If you are opening a retail store, you will also need to complete a Certificate of Registration with the Finance Department--contact the Finance Department at 343-6634. 

Your license and SLUP conditions certificate must be posted in your facility when you begin operations.


Please contact the Planning Department to discuss any proposed modifications to your Assembly approved special land use permit. All modifications to your operating plan must be reported to the Municipality and depending upon the extent of the proposed modifications, approval by either the Director of the Planning Department or the Assembly may be required. Requirements for modifications to your special land use permit for marijuana ​can be found in AMC 21.03.105C.9.​


For Marijuana License Renewal and Transfer Information, Please Visit: Municipal Clerk Licensing.