Welcome to the Real Estate Department

The Real Estate Department (RED) manages municipally owned property, and may assign management authority of municipal property to the department that uses it.  

There are two divisions of RED:  Real Estate Services and Heritage Land Bank.  Each division operates under rules set by the Anchorage Municipal Code (AMC).

​Foreclosure Registry​​​

  • ​On February 12, 2019, the Anc​horage Assembly passed an ordinance, AO 2019-9(S), amending Anchorage Municipal Code and establishing a Foreclosure Registry.  For more info, contact Tiffany Briggs at 907-343-7525 or tiffany.briggs@anchorageak.gov​.

AO 2019-9(S), As Amended

AO 2019-101(S)

Registration Form

Lease or Sale of M​unicipal P​roperty​

Tax and/or Special Assessments Foreclosure Sale​

  • The ​2023​ Foreclosure sale is anticipated to take place June 14, 2023.​ 
  • The "Notice of Foreclosure" publication was published April 2023, listing properties delinquent in real property taxes and/or special assessments for 2022 and prior years. Details: Real Estate Se​rvices [NOTE: properties in the Notice of Foreclosure publication are NOT included in this year's foreclosed properties sale and are not being offered for sale by MOA]  
  • Our Real Estate S​ervices Division handles tax delinquent properties and the sale of tax-foreclosed properties.​

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