Properties for Sale


Accepting Offers for Consideration.  SE Corner Lake Otis Pkwy/Tudor Rd  (PIDs 008-041-03). Current asking price is $625,000.
​This 1-acre +/- parcel is located near the corner of Lake Otis and Tudor and is zoned B-3.  Old Peacock Cleaners, active DEC site, MOA is responsible party.  Contact HLB at 907-343-7531.

Accepting Offers for Consideration.  Lot 23A, Justamere Ranch Subdivision No. 2 (PID 005-042-23) is an approx. 7,173 sq. ft. parcel and is zoned R-1.  Sealed competitive bids were accepted until 2pm Friday, January 10, 2020.  Minimum bid was $70,000.

Accepting Offers for Consideration.  Lot 1A, Justamere Ranch Subdivision No. 2 (PID 005-042-01) is an approx. 6,983 sq. ft. parcel and is zoned R-1.  Sealed competitive bids were accepted until 2pm Friday, January 10, 2020.  Minimum bid was $70,000. 

Chugiak-Eagle River

Accepting Offers for Consideration.  Lots 3, 4 & 5 Block 2 Chugach Park Estates (PIDs 051-471-07, 051-471-08, 051-471-09)
This 7.22-acre +/- block of lots is located on Chugach Park Drive and is zoned CE-R6.  These three lots are sold together.  Current asking price is $14,000 for all 3 lots. Contact HLB at 907-343-7531.

Properties for Potential Development 


Coming Soon! Tract B Cook Subdivision (PID 009-131-20). This approx 8.98 acre parcel is zoned R-3.

Accepting Offers for Consideration.  Tract 2 Southwest Anchorage School Site (PID 011-261-31). This 12-acre parcel is zoned R-1A.  Minimum Bid was $433,900.

Properties for Lease

There are no properties for lease at this time.​

​​Pending Transactions

Sale Pending.  Tract 2 Carol Creek Subdivision (Plat 2018-82; PID 051-361-51) is a 8.476-acre parcel for sale intended for residential development.

Sale Pending.  Lot 1 Block 1 Chugach Park Estates (PID 051-471-04).  This 1.28-acre parcel is located on Chugach Park Drive and is zoned CE-R6.  
Sale Pending.  Lot 2 Block 1 Chugach Park Estates (PID 051-471-03).  This 1.29-acre parcel is located on Chugach Park Drive and is zoned CE-R6.  
Sale Pending.  Lot 4 ASLS 97-10 Raspberry Road Municipal Land Selection Site (PID 012-131-87).  This 2.25-acre parcel is located on Northwood Street and is zoned R-1.  

Sale Pending.  Lots 1-5, Girdwood Industrial Park (PIDs 075-131-09 through 075-131-13) are zone GI-2 and will be sold to the current lessees ONLY at fair market value.

Sale Pending.  Lot 72, US Survey 3042 (PID 075-132-30) is zoned GIP.  The property will only be sold to the current lessee, the U.S. Forest Service, at fair market value. ​

Sale Pending.   Lot 32A Block 10, 1st Addition to the Alaska Industrial Subdivision (PID 015-164-10) is an approx. 42,115 sq. ft. parcel and is zoned I-1. The property is limited by a Public Purpose restriction and will only be sold to a public agency or non-profit at less than fair market value.​

Sale Pending.  SE Corner Lake Otis Pkwy/Tudor Rd  (PIDs 008-041-04, 008-041-05, 008-041-06 and 008-041-07).  Four lots located at the corner of Lake Otis and Tudor and is zoned B-3.  

​​​Off the Market

​Not available for lease or sale.  Girdwood Industrial Park currently has no area available for lease or sale.  

Short term, limited use permits may be available for very low impact uses such as over-winter trailer storage. Contact HLB at 907-343-7531.

RFP Evaluation Results

Girdwood Residential 20​21 (Holtan Hills and Alyeska Village)​​

The intent of the Request for Proposal (RFP) was to identify a partner or partners to develop portions of three parcels currently in the Heritage Land Bank inventory located in Girdwood Alaska in a manner that is consistent with the goals of the 1995 Girdwood Area Plan and the 2006 Crow Creek Neighborhood Land Use Plan (expired) and which provides the highest and best use of the site. ​

The high scoring proposal was​ notified on June 29, 2021 and negotiation of a Development Agreement will began in July.  This process will take several months.  No agreement or contract was established by the RFP process and evaluation results.  The Evaluation Committee was comprised of 9 individuals, including 7 MOA employees, 3 Girdwood residents, and an array of experts with knowledge relevant to this particular RFP.

Evaluation Committee Memo​

Community Meeting for Conditional Use Permit for Planned Unit Development with Area Master Plan and Phased Subdivision Plat (Holtan Hills)

December 22, 2021 via Teams    

Recording (started late due to technical issues)

DRAFT Concept Plan Phases I-III  (This will change throughout the Planning/Platting process.)

Meeting Presentation

Holtan Hills project management by CY Investments.  Direct questions regarding this development to cyoshimura@gci.net.

Alyeska Village negotiations have not begun.  This project is expected to start in 2024 or 2025 and will be managed by Pomeroy Property Development, Ltd. provided a Development Agreement is executed.