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Development of Three HLB Lots on 7th Avenue between I & K Streets

The Development of Three HLB Lots on 7th Avenue between I & K Streets RFP must be received by 5pm on September 30, 2016.

Pre-bid conference will be at 4700 Elmore Rd., conference room 170 at 1:30pm on August 2, 2016 (Note: change of venue).
Development of Three HLB Lots RFP
Aerial map
Addendum 1


Properties for Sale


1301 Bragaw Street, legally described as NW1/4 NW1/4 NW1/4 NW1/4 T13N R3W SEC 22 (PID 005-071-01) is for sale.  Bids will be accepted until Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 2pm.  Minimum bid is $650,000.
    Bidding Instructions
    Sample Purchase and Sale Agreement

Sale Pending.  7928 Duben Ave. legally described as Lot 17 Nevilla Park Subdivision (Plat P-384) (PID 006-053-21)

        Sample Purchase and Sale Agreement
        Proposed Fence Survey

Sale Pending. 8024 Duben Ave. legally described as Lot 20 Nevilla Park Subdivision (Plat P-384)(PID 006-054-58) 
Bidding Instructions        Sample Purchase and Sale Agreement        Appraisal        Photos

Sale pending.  8014 Duben Ave. legally described as Lot 19 Nevilla Park Subdivision (Plat P-384) (PID 006-054-59)

Sample Purchase and Sale Agreement        Appraisal        Photos

Sale Pending.  8215 E. 2nd Ave. legally described as Lot 27 Nevilla Park Subdivision (Plat P-384) (PID 006-054-51)
Sample Purchase and Sale Agreement        Appraisal        Flyer



There are currently no parcels for sale in the Eagle River-Chugiak area.

SOUTH ANCHORAGE                    

HLB Parcel 2-144 is a large, 37.5-acre parcel on Potter Valley Road for sale at the appraised value of  $585,000
Special conditions apply.
        Area Map       
        Potter Valley Land Use Analysis                 
        Sample Purchase Agreement               
        Appraisal Excerpt                               



Offers are being considered.  HLB Parcel 6-008, a 2.5-acre parcel located in Bird Creel off Whispering Bird Lane is for sale.  Legally described as Lot 19 USS 3202 T10N R1W SEC 10/15 (PID 090-022-03) and zoned R-11.  Minimum bid is $70,000.
Sale Flyer
        Aerial map                                        
        Photo view 
        Bidding Instructions                             
        Sample Purchase & Sale Agreement                       


Properties for Lease

Industrial Zoning 

$1,500 per month, per lot or Make Offer.  Lots 3, 4 & 5 Tract 3 Maui Industrial Park Subdivision (Plat 77-133) are for lease.  These 3 HLB properties are located in the vicinity of C Street and O'Malley Road and zoned I2.
Bidding Instructions        Sample Lease Agreement        Vicinity Map        Photo

Cottage 25 - Historic Property in Downtown Anchorage

Bids are under review.  Cottage 25 is located at 645 West 3rd Avenue, legally described as Lot 18A Block 16 Original Townsite of Anchorage (Less W20’) (PID 002-107-04) is being leased via a sealed bid process.  Cottage 25 is an historic monument located in downtown Anchorage with a basement, first, second story, and an arctic entry.  This property is the last Alaska Engineering Commission residential structure that has remained in governmental ownership.

There are a few off-street parking spaces with parking meters directly in front of the structure.  The structure is approximately 1,550 square feet with a lot size of 9,800 square feet.  Accepted Bids until 2pm, Friday, April 8, 2016.  Minimum bid is $2,000.00 per month + utilities.
Bidding Instructions    Cottage 25 Flyer    Vicinity Map    Sample Lease


Properties for Potential Development 

The Real Estate Department is requesting information and qualifications prior to a request for proposals for four downtown parcels that have strong potential for development.
Request for Information & Qualifications
HLB Parcel 4-001

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